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  1. In the wild Avalanche Pics?

    My Lightning Pro in Avalanche:
  2. My Lightning Pro in Avalanche

    My Lightning Pro in Avalanche:
  3. Lightning Reservation Extended

    Sort of telling that no one is saying "Ford would never do something that scummy!" Mostly people saying "Well, it's totally believable that Ford would do something this scummy, but I better check a couple other sources or wait for confirmation first."
  4. Onboard F-150 Lightning acceleration videos show impressive 0-60 ?

    Check the numbers on ABRP, too, I'd say. Maybe they've updated them, but they were way off a few months ago... slower than what Ford stated. I agree with you, though. 43-67 minutes on a 7+ hour drive is not a big deal. I'm probably stopped about that long over a trip of that length anyway...
  5. Onboard F-150 Lightning acceleration videos show impressive 0-60 ?

    Exactly. As a transportation appliance, which is what most people use cars as, electric crushes gas. If you have home/work charging, it's not even close. For driving enjoyment, electric are quite good with the instant torque and such, but there's something to be said for manual cars with great...
  6. Onboard F-150 Lightning acceleration videos show impressive 0-60 ?

    Top one looks pretty quick, especially for an SR (Reddit user pointed out there's no Sunroof, but a Lariat ER should have one) and there being 4 adults in it. I'm still thinking SR is nearly identical to ER up to ~60mph.
  7. [Correction] Atlas Blue F-150 Lightning preproduction at dealer

    The Tampa Bay Lightning also have a wrapped Chevy Bolt... a Lightning Bolt. Can't seem to find a picture, but I saw it driving around downtown Tampa a few years ago.
  8. So... How about them gas prices?

    The Pro is clearly the best value as it’s thousands cheaper than the equivalent gas version, but the XLT gas vs EV is way closer than $10k. You can’t get an XLT 4x4 Powerboost Supercrew for $44,890. More like $50,350+ after destination (which was added to the Lightning price)… a difference that...
  9. So... How about them gas prices?

    Lightning Pro is cheaper than a comparably equipped, similar-hp, gas F-150 XL. A Powerboost (same hp as Lightning, plus then you can get ProOnboard), Supercrew, 4x4, F-150 XL with the same options as a base Lightning Pro is a few thousand more expensive (MSRP) than the $39,974 Lightning Pro...
  10. So... How about them gas prices?

    He was responding to me, and I didn't suggest that "everyone go buy a Nissan Leaf." For that matter, even the OTHER guy didn't say "everyone go buy a Nissan Leaf". You claimed that 90% of Americans can't afford an EV, and so he gave an example of a cheap one that way more than 10% of Americans...
  11. So... How about them gas prices?

    I'm not pushing it on you at all. I never said anything about green new deal or global warming. In fact, I sold all my EVs and bought gas cars with manual transmissions because I enjoy them. I'm simply responding to a claim that "green" people should be driving hybrids, not EVs, and giving an...
  12. So... How about them gas prices?

    This is a strawman and the foundation of most of these types of complaints. The argument creates a false premise (switching to all EVs overnight or very quickly) and then talks about all the problems created by that false premise: -Everyone can't afford EVs!!! (at today's prices if all cars...
  13. So... How about them gas prices?

    Good data/examples. Just adding on: There are so many big variables here. I've done ~450 mile day trips where an EV adds basically 0% to the trip. We would stop 2-3 times anyway and rarely keep it <20 mins anyway with kids, so the net difference is ~0 minutes. I've done trips where it's more...
  14. So... How about them gas prices?

    Not higher than the original "80% coal" estimate. The total US breakdown is ~61% fossil fuels... and falling. Why does the infrastructure have to be set up for something that won't happen for ~20 years in order to buy it today? Even if 50% of *new* car sales are EVs by 2030, typical car...
  15. Lightning vs R1T - Timing and cost

    I think it would be worth more than that. Pros and XLTs will be pretty rare, and so the only other options are Lariats that start at $67k. Even if XLTs are available, they'll be marked up, too, so if they're marked up, let's say by even just $5k (which is probably low), that's now $58k for an...
  16. What would you do? Will the Mach E hold value?

    I was thinking the same thing: Buy a Mach E or ID.4 while waiting for the Lightning. The tax credit will likely be lower than $7500 for most people who haven’t already gotten an invite (and maybe some that have) so that may put you at a depreciation advantage, but with all the supply issues, I...
  17. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Tesla, one could argue, has a lot of vaporware*, but they also build 70-80% of all the EVs being sold in the US. So, they’re way ahead of the companies that have ONLY vaporware or who are trickling out a single BEV. *IMO, the Cybertruck isn’t. It’s clearly in the works and waiting on the new...
  18. Wave 5 Invites???

    Ah, gotcha, makes sense! The whole message was in all caps, so maybe if it wasn't, it would have said "NaN". So, the "Winter" part may be wrong, too, if there's no number attached. But winter doesn't start until Dec. 21, 2022, so it's a ways away either way.
  19. Wave 5 Invites???

    When my wife configured a Pro before we decided to hit "extend our reservation", a note came up: Sorry, this configuration is unavailable for now. Extend your reservation and we'll notify you when it's available. Estimated delivery in Winter Nan Not sure what that means, haha. No, I didn't...