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  1. If you can turn your console into a table, why not your steering wheel too?

  2. Not F150 but FordPass issue.

    Got a message from FordPass yesterday about my wifes Bronco Sport. It said "To conserve battery life, connect remote features including start / stop, lock / unlock are not available. This happens when you haven't' started your vehicle for a period of time. Simply start your vehicle and remote...
  3. Front windows won't work this morning?

    Driver and passenger windows won't respond to the door switches. Back doors windows worked fine. Tried turning off and turning on the truck a few times to reset. No difference. Did some googling but didn't see a similar issue. Any thoughts? 2022 F150 XLT approx 9,900 miles.
  4. Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs Toyo AT3 vs Nokian Outpost AT

    Looking at one of these 3. Likely in 285/65/20 with stock wheels. Uses are 90% highway. (work commute is 60 miles per day of freeway / highway) Being that I live in Alberta I want something 3 peak rated that will do well one snow / ice covered highways. I had Duratracs in the past that...
  5. Sport mode or 4 Hi for best full boost launch?

    I *think* putting the truck in Sport mode default to 2WD. Not sure if you can have it in Sport mode with 4WD engaged. So what would be better for a full boost launch 4WD Hi or 2WD in Sport Mode? Thinking wheelspin would be an issue in 2WD.
  6. Has anybody managed to get a fleet color truck yet?

    I had a Tangier Orange '08 Sierra. Which was a fleet color (special order). Has anyone managed to get a 21+ F150 in a rare or fleet color?
  7. Truck won't remember trailer measurements for BLIS.

    Each time I tow my trailer, I have to enter my trailer dimensions. Not sure why as it pulls up all my other settings for my trailer that I saved in that set up. Any ideas how to fix this? Anyone else encountered this?