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  1. Power Boost, p tires, and towing.

    100%. You will max out your payload before the load rating of most tires even P rated tires. Unless you are towing very often then it isn’t necessary to upgrade.
  2. Powerboost - Any Long Term Undriven Tips

    From the owners manual.
  3. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    I took a quick video on my way home from work tonight. Video shows power distribution in 4a under light throttle input. the video shows power actively being sent to all 4 wheels simultaneously. This illustrates 1 of 4 things. Possibility 1: the system in the f150 does not default to 2wd sending...
  4. Consumer Reports List Powerboost On Least Reliable

    I’m at 1 year of ownership, 18,000 miles, zero problems. For piece of mind I did purchase an extended warranty, bumper to bumper coverage until around 160k, and I purchased from a dealership that provides lifetime powertrain warranty. Just have to set yourself up for success.
  5. Powerboost Battery Longevity

    may not be the battery system. Normal operation is for the internal combustion engine to run until reaching minimum operating temperatures. If your commute is short, weather cold, and no pre warming of truck (remote start) you may not reach appropriate temps for ICE to shutoff and switch to full...
  6. Drive Mode Unavailable

    this happened to me once. No dash lights no other warnings. I switched back to sport and it stayed in it. No idea.
  7. F-150 on fire :-(

    The custom vinyl over the blue oval was just too hot for this truck.
  8. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    i wonder if it has to do with that drive mode forcing ICE to stay on. I’ve had a couple occurrences where being in electric for too long and trying to accelerate quickly the system cuts power and doesn’t let the turbos spool, I suspect from lack of oil flow but don’t have the data to prove. I...
  9. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    That 1/4 mile run is impressive and 60’ times are surprisingly good. If you are still on stock tires you’re reaching the speed rating by the end of the run. Where I’m from, there will be a lot of WRX/“performance sedan” owners getting their feelings hurt by a hybrid.
  10. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Our signage/custom hat company was waiting for a new shipment of hats, leather, and various equipment but our shipping company held it at the nearest hub because of snow. I was able to get a hold of someone and made it over the mountain passes to pickup the goods myself before the passes closed...
  11. NEW PRODUCT | Diode Dynamics HitchMount LED Pod Reverse Kit

    Very cool. How many lumens?
  12. Headlight Heating Element

    Just drove through a mild snow storm. Had to stop every hour or so to clean the headlights off. Has to be a better means of keeping the headlights free from snow build up.
  13. Increasing Usable Powerboost Battery storage capacity

    I honestly think ford neutered the hybrid by putting a fairly weak electric motor and tiny battery so they wouldn’t cannibalize sales from the lightning. Then again bigger electric motor and bigger battery means less payload, and some of these f150’s have less payload than a minivan. Of course...
  14. Increasing Usable Powerboost Battery storage capacity

    I’m seeing similar SOC. My max amps in and out spike around 125.
  15. Rousch intake for 21 powerboost

    did you lose it by running into a crowd?
  16. Break-in Procedure for New 3.0L PS?

    The general consensus for most autoblogs is no using cruise control as you want to vary rpm and load. Taking it “easy” means not going into high load or high boost situations, basically light throttle initially into medium throttle after a few hundred miles. Stop and go traffic or stop and go...
  17. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    many details on price/where you found the wheel and harness? I would love this. I hate reaching down to shift.
  18. Max boost

    This video doesn’t necessarily talk about max boost but does go into great detail about the history of the eco boost engine and the torture testing it’s gone through.
  19. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Definitely cool. my wife has a laser cutting and fabrication business. Using acrylic it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to produce.
  20. Borla exhaust for Powerboost released

    No trombone loop? No valved exhaust? No thank you. If I’m making this bad boy loud I’m trying to sound like a GTR (to the untrained ear).