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  1. Just had my 1st 7500-mile oil change

    I had my rear squeaking brakes issue corrected while my Lead foot baby was getting serviced, Excellent truck no issues whatsoever:)
  2. 2100 miles in

    Shockingly it was a KCAP build, but they got it here in 16 days after it was produced
  3. 2100 miles in

    Hello everyone just wanted to give you guys and ladies a update, Loving my lead foot baby ! 23.5 miles a gallon on the highway. Real easy to drive. And no major issues so far
  4. 11/15 Build Club

    got mines this past thursday
  5. 11/29 Build Week

    Well, I got lucky, ordered 8/4 waited patiently, truck was built 11/10 spray on bedliner included shipped 11/16 and delivered 11/27 took home 12/2 :)?☺ KCAP to Michigan, Norfolk Southern moved this truck very quickly from KCAP to Michigan! then United picked it up Saturday morning the 27th and...
  6. Officially home!!!!!

    Last of the Lead Foots out of KCAP
  7. Officially home!!!!!

    She's coming home !!!!!
  8. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Morning everyone, even though I'm not technically a part of this build group, truck was produced 11/10/2021, pending any issues she's coming home today, thanks everyone who waited patiently for their trucks including yours truly, you guys' rock !!!! thanks for being supportive and I've made...
  9. 11/08 Build Club

    Thanks, she's coming home TOMORROW
  10. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Believe or not they're getting these trucks shipped as fast as they can, I expected a late December delivery i was totally shocked it took only 16 days from plant to dealer
  11. 11/08 Build Club

    built 11/10/2021 shipped 11/16/2021 KCAP Build delivered 11/27/2021
  12. 11/29 Build Week

    Coming home this week
  13. 11/29 Build Week

    Just a estimate of shipping days
  14. 11/29 Build Week

    it takes 20 hrs. to build so give it a few days! That Mach E tracker pretty accurate !
  15. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Welcome to the club 2021 Ford F-150 (XLT) is "Delivered" Sometime next week I'll take delivery
  16. Truck Delivery Days

    Truck arrived at Dealership today!!! so it depends
  17. Truck is only 2 hours from the Rail Yard excitement building !

    UPDATE!!!!! Picking up next week! Vehicle Tracking Details = Information Make Ford Color JX Model F-150 Weight 4705 Year 2021 Category Route/Estimates From: MELVINDALE, MI To: DEARBORN, MI Progress Available 11/24/2021 3:05:00 PM...
  18. 11/29 Build Week

    I'm actually in the 11/08/2021-11/10/2021 build week ! but i'm the top of the list Update :Truck is at dealership taking delivery next week !