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  1. F-150 on fire :-(

    I was sent these pictures yesterday by my roommate, a towtruck driver. It looks like it's a '21 that caught on fire
  2. CC157

    finally have mine and on the road, amazing truck
  3. Grill Replacement

    Good day everyone, I am still waiting for a VIN to be released, but is seems that will happen in the new year, as I have an XLT with the 302A and FX4-Sport. I feel that the grill that comes with truck is ugly, so I have gotten my dealer to preorder an STX grill, I feel that it looks a lot...
  4. 2021 F-150 CANADA Order Guide

    Hey everyone, I have attached the Canadian order guide . . . . . . . . . . . For U.S. Order Guide Click Here LATEST CANADA ORDER GUIDE UPDATES [8/2/2021 Update] [4/28/2021 Update] [11/15/20 Update] [8/15/2020 Update]
  5. Aftermarket exhaust upgrades . . . . .

    Has anyone thought of future exhaust upgrades yet??? It might be to early though
  6. 2021 Velocity Blue ordered :-)

    Hi everyone, just finished the paperwork for a crewcab, 6.5 ft box fx4-sport with a couple of other options. I was informed that I should see the truck in the new year, this is gonna be a long 4 months!!!