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  1. 5.0 engine 3.73 Electronic-Locking Axle RCSB

    When I ordered the salesman tried to convince me that I didn’t need 3.73 and most people get the 3.31. Not sure why since the price was the same for all gearsets (500$ upgrade for the locker) at the time.
  2. 21-23 visual differences

    I kinda like that my ‘21 still looks like a new truck! :cool: If I was buying a new vehicle in 2023 apparently all I can afford is whatever the hell this is lol
  3. Will 21 Raptor wheels fit over max tow brakes?

    I thought max tow required 18” as a general rule? I could be wrong though I don’t have that package
  4. Locking Diff 3.55 Gears on 4x2 - Any help during snow?

    Next to a limited slip differential like they used to offer the locking diff will save your bacon if one wheel starts to spin. I used mine fairly often last year to get out of deep snow ruts. But more often I’d use it on ice at stop signs to get started. I’ve only ever had one vehicle...
  5. Anyone planning on adding a Catch Can on their Ecoboost or Powerboost engine?

    I was looking at those bore cameras thinking if I just pulled off a few hose clamps that I could see something interesting
  6. Anyone planning on adding a Catch Can on their Ecoboost or Powerboost engine?

    I’d really like to take a look inside my motor at 50 or 60K miles just to see if there’s any varnish or buildup in there
  7. Anyone planning on adding a Catch Can on their Ecoboost or Powerboost engine?

    Awesome, so in theory that little bit of sludge should get washed away by the port injectors?
  8. Anyone planning on adding a Catch Can on their Ecoboost or Powerboost engine?

    Does the 3-5 only have direct injection or does it have port as well like the 5-0
  9. Remove New Car Smell?

    The best thing to do if you don’t like it is keep it well ventilated. New car smell is a mixture of adhesives, VOC’s and plastics all off-gassing after assembly. We have a mint 2001 mustang that still has new car smell after 21 years. It lives most of its life in the garage with the doors...
  10. Any idea what the heck this is?

    There should be a drain hole to release condensation in the system somewhere around there. Not sure if it’s supposed to blow smoke or not.
  11. 21-23 visual differences

    seems it’s a Kansas City thing if you have the black running boards (mine is a mid year 2021, KcAP build with optional black running boards, but there may be other part numbers since I searched using my VIN
  12. Happy with 5.0?

    i was racking my head the other day to try to figure out how the Ford ones work. Does oil pressure keep them ‘stiff’ and able to work normally and then oil gets cut off in deactivation mode and it makes them like jelly?
  13. Happy with 5.0?

    im kind of off topic lol im wondering if these magic lifters that can be turned off are the source of the 3200 rpm rattle that a lot of us have been hearing They took 3 brand new 5.0’s for a drive last week and all of them made the identical sound
  14. Shop floor problem

    I do kid alot but not this time! Even the pros do it sometimes
  15. 21-23 visual differences

    As far as I know other than a few new packages being available (rattler and etc). A similarly optioned truck should look pretty identical across years.
  16. Shop floor problem

    We like being as frozen as possible at all times! duct tape under dress shoes works in a pinch if you drank Too much beer to remember your shoes…
  17. Happy with 5.0?

    Just throwing some extra information out there but it's actually cylinders 1, 4, 6 and 7 that are deactivated. If you look from the front of the motor, it's kind of like a staggered in-line 4.
  18. Shop floor problem

    whatever you do don't wear curling shoes.......
  19. Happy with 5.0?

    supercab, nice!! i'm also blown away at how well the 5.0 handles a towing load, i've also maxed out the payload at 2000 lbs and it had zero problems