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  1. 5.0....Car wash = Fun

    Wonder if the auto hold has the same effect? I have the habit of trusting the technology at stop lights. Hope that doesn't come back and bite me on the butt down the road.
  2. Any idea what the heck this is?

    I've noticed a damp spot in my garage when I backed out, always thought it was an air conditioning drain. Maybe not. On mine the damp could just be pulling moisture out of the concrete if that's a warm spot from the exhaust. Might be something completely different since a single cab also...
  3. Shop floor problem

    Sadly I can't tell if you're serious about the duct tape! lol
  4. 5.0....Car wash = Fun

    63 dollars? That was a long time ago. I remember what I described costing $1000 fine and a $1000 for the lawyer and court supervision so it was like it never happened. I used to have a 70 mile one way commute to work and I had court supervision in three of the counties I drove through at the...
  5. 5.0....Car wash = Fun

    They never do see the humor in the situation do they...... Then there's the fleeing and eluding etc. (or so I've heard) Screeching and squealing of tires, always a favorite. In excess of a hundred in a fifty five.
  6. 5.0....Car wash = Fun

    Anybody else think they are going to get arrested someday after leaving the car wash? Nice day today (crappy automatic wash) wet tires and no one around me on the street and I just happened to be in front of the ford dealership. Rolling along maybe 30 and opened it up and had to let up...
  7. Shop floor problem

    I had to google those..... WTH, Left hand or right hand.... Be sure to use a month before tournament to get your muscle memory ready...... Definitely a Canadian thing Eh?
  8. Shop floor problem

    That they do.... Only problem is amazon telling me they won't be here until 26-29 of Dec. :(
  9. Shop floor problem

    My crocs don't count? lol
  10. Anybody else live where the deer don't play anymore?

    Well, fingers crossed that dad that showed up last week moves on or makes a stupid move. He left me a present on one of my bald cypress trees.
  11. Shop floor problem

    I've just never had good luck getting those strips to stick to anything. Although I did get some 3m brand one time and they stuck to an aluminum trailer that I had prepped with alcohol. CA glue (super glue) will stick to about anything I just don't know if it reacts with paint and then the...
  12. Shop floor problem

    I thought of those but I figured the floor would have to be really clean and it's cold right now so might affect adhesion. Plus I already have the glue and sand from other projects.
  13. F-150 on fire :-(

    I tried going to the build and price just to see what options you could get in a supercrew xlt 4x4 and it isn't working......Shock.. Reminds me of the old days waiting on my build.
  14. F-150 on fire :-(

    I wonder if the fireman tore part of the fender off? The plastic above the chrome bumper looks relatively unharmed compared to the rest.
  15. F-150 on fire :-(

    Maybe a'22 even. No white letter tires. Whats the temp for aluminum to melt at?
  16. Shop floor problem

    Another way off topic here. Any wood workers on here? I have a small shop in my downstairs that my Dad painted with a gloss floorpaint. Looks great but it is treacherous when I'm standing at the lathe and turning. With the shavings and sawdust it is like walking on ice. Since I don't care so...
  17. Installed bed storage box

    Looks good! The truck being white probably helps with the lighting. I had some ordered then I realized they would be covering up the bed lights which is all I wanted out of that $695 bed utility package.
  18. Illinois Undercover Elite hard one piece cover. black textured $800

  19. Roof Spoiler anyone?

    don't forget the ten horsepower.....