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  1. Just received my 2023 XL Rattler!

    It's a truck, why more/all of them do not have the vinyl floors is a mystery to me. I have a Lariat Mid and I wish it had vinyl floors.
  2. Do the OEM LED Projector lights self level?

    The front level sensor is on the inside of the from left upper control arm and the adjacent frame and the rear level sensor IIRC is attached to the frame in the left rear wheel well and the leaf springs between the U-bolts. This is on non-CCD trucks. CCD trucks have the height sensors built into...
  3. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    It states it has power tilt and memory so it should be correct, but I’ll let others chime in. also, having it for sale is not the same as having it in stock
  4. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    It’s possible they’re dead/null addresses on these trucks. If everything is working without faults there’s no point in changing it though, so I agree with you
  5. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Good to know because I have those changes earmarked also when I do the install
  6. When it rains, I hear a waterfall near A pillars. Anyone else hear this?

    It could be the sound of the water running through the drain tubes IF you have the moonroof, which would mean the drain tubes are doing their job. But I would still investigate further to see if there’s water in the cab in some place it should not be.
  7. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Generally going to the dealer will be a waste of time for updates. Even if you have a warranty claim related to software/electronics, there’s no guarantee they do the updates (this happened on my explorer). I understand it seems very daunting, but if you follow the FDRS thread, read, reread, and...
  8. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    Those 18-20 LED headlights were hideous. I preferred my 18 STX over every other trim, with respect to exterior aesthetics. The 15-17 were great, but I think Ford knocked it out of the park with the overall design of the 21+, ESPECIALLY the headlamps
  9. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Wow @Paul Neubauer crushing last night with requests lol
  10. CoPilot 360 Assist without Lariat High?

    If you can find a J1 2022 build that’s your best bet. The best way I’ve been able to determine this is just looking at the VIN, the last 8 will be NFA#####. This isn’t a guarantee, but these vins should be pre-2022 price increases and shouldn’t have any 2022 deletes. They’re becoming harder to...
  11. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    I’m one of the many others, @JHForman812 is a treasure to the forum and a great dude
  12. 21-23 visual differences

    Ah ok, I thought you were referring to the hem under the hood, but if you can see it from the outside then nevermind
  13. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    You should be able to just swap controls, it’s very easy to do. That extra button is for setting your adaptive cruise follow distance
  14. Decent APR Banks/Credit Unions

    They all gotta see who has the biggest “e-peen” I guess That’s one of my favorite things about this forum, few people are judgemental and politics aren’t allowed. It’s a great place to be.
  15. 21-23 visual differences

    Ah, so it’s hemmed differently. You can probably only see the difference with the hood open
  16. Tire Size Question

    Glad to help, there’s ALOT of really smart people on here, and I’m not including myself in that group lol
  17. Ok I’m replacing my cab mounted ant question

    I certainly don’t disagree they could’ve done more to prevent corrosion on that piece, but had you not seen that pic, it’s likely you would’ve never known and probably won’t ever have an issue with it.
  18. Tire Size Question

    Based on the calculator, it looks like the 18” tire is about .2” bigger. I think you’d be perfectly fine running that size without worrying about speedo changes, it’ll be a trivial difference in speed
  19. Tire Size Question

    Try this site, it’ll give you overall diameter https://tiresize.com/calculator/