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  1. GABAR

    2020 Raptor Order

    👍🏽.......Very smart and wise choice and if I were in your shoes, I would have done the same special order to get one without the pano roof.
  2. GABAR

    2020 Raptor Order

    Pano Roof? I hope not.
  3. GABAR

    2021 F-150’s Next-Gen SYNC 4 Navigation Will Predict Congestion Using TomTom Real-Time Traffic Service

    Hmmm 🤔, I wonder why Ford didn’t just use TomTom Navigation as well. I guess the only explanation is the cost hence the reason Ford is still using it’s navigation which is provided by an outside vendor. Hopefully the maps will be updated more frequently with SYNC4.
  4. GABAR

    Reclining rear seats?

    Who needs reclining “rear” seats in a truck and how Is this helpful to the driver. Before this feature was introduced in a 1/2 ton, how did people manage to survive. Lol 😂
  5. GABAR

    Halogen vs LED OEM headlights? 13th gen owner input?

    Go with OEM LED headlights and call it a day. No aftermarket LED bulb replacement can compare to the OEM LED headlight assembly. The next best option would be the Morimoto assemblies and many owners replace their OEM “halogen” assemblies for these. The first thing you need to ask yourself...
  6. GABAR

    Ford Confirms 2021 F-150 Raptor Is Coming!

    Just like previous versions, the Raptor will come a year or a bit less after the new F150 has hit the market. I really doubt that Ford was concerned about being upstaged by RAM and the TRX because it’s obvious who’s trying to copy who. The F150 is what’s most important.
  7. GABAR

    V8 For F150 Raptor 14th Gen

    Old engine tech, vehicle weight, Ask yourself this, would you really be interested in the TRX if it didn’t have that huge, and heavy engine. Do you remember the Dodge truck with the Viper V10 engine from over a decade ago? Same concept and a failure for Chrysler.
  8. GABAR

    V8 For F150 Raptor 14th Gen

    Not gonna happen nor is it needed. The Raptor is a balanced package and it doesn’t need 700 HP. Typical FCA using high HP to cover up it’s shortcomings.
  9. GABAR

    Spied: 2021 F-150 Platinum Interior And Other New Details!

    A Lariat with the 502A pac will have everything a Platinum has except the Platinum will come standard with power running boards, massaging seats, and different leather and trI’m. No Platinum will cost $80K. Why would you have to sell your house to buy a new truck.
  10. GABAR

    Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    All in due time..........more patience.
  11. GABAR

    Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    Not really and definitely not the case for the F150. The F150 will have a new interior and a lite but noticeable exterior refresh and new and updated powertrains.
  12. GABAR

    Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    Hmmm, after passing out from holding your breath, and if your shade of blue is “Ford Blue” , should your family assume that you’re not in distress and all is well with you? 🤔
  13. GABAR

    Ford Workers Refuse to Work and Shut Down the Line at Dearborn F-150 Plant

    Says the person who’s not working on said assembly line.
  14. GABAR

    Peek at the New 2021 F150 Lariat interior (digital gauges, 2 tone leather, huge screen, new shifter with stow option)

    I really don’t see Ford bringing out the new Raptor at the same time as the new F150. Unless Ford changes what they usually do, I think the new Raptor will debut in the 2022 model year.
  15. GABAR

    Who's an Electric F-150 shopper?

    I’d be interested but only after the 4th or 5th year of production and only if it had a range of 350-400 miles on a single charge. I don’t do any towing, heavy hauling, nor do I go off road so an IRS would also be a must. Since Ford invested heavily in Rivian, I wouldn’t be surprised if...
  16. GABAR

    Apple CarPlay and other navigation apps.

    Yes, I tested it this past weekend on my 2016 F150 and I’ve been using it the past three days. I really don’t know if Android Auto will follow what Apple has done with Apple CarPlay. I’m an Apple man so I really don’t know much about the Android Auto interface or what Google might have planned...
  17. GABAR

    Here’s What The 2021 F-150 Will Look Like (Including Raptor and Electric F-150)

    I’m sure that’ll be the case just like the current generation. It’s already six inches wider so the exterior will be more aggressive looking and there won’t be any mistaking a regular F150 for a Raptor.
  18. GABAR

    Hybrid F150 gets 10 miles of pure electric range

    Am I missing something because I really don’t get this. I mean,, why go through all of this expense and complexity for just 10 miles of range on electric.
  19. GABAR

    V8 For F150 Raptor 14th Gen

    Sadly, I’m with you on this but man, it would be nice and it would definitely be expensive. However, I really don’t think it’s needed. The 5.0 with it’s own supercharger would be perfect and Hennessy has already shown that it can be done.