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  1. TXhauler

    Here's the buttons on the steering wheel

    Ford hasn't posted any closeup images of the steering wheel so it's been hard to tell what buttons and functions it has exactly. Was able to screencap this one shot from a video though.
  2. TXhauler

    Trailer tow mirrors with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) vs Standard Mirrors

    They'll for sure provide the standard mirror for EPA testing purposes but they'll want customers to buy the trailer mirror for extra cost :D
  3. TXhauler

    Factory Wheels Comparison - 2021 F-150 (XL, STX, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited)

    Loving the Sport wheels, especially on the Lariat Sport.
  4. TXhauler

    2021 F-150 Colors from Every Angle

    Yea Lead Foot was really nice. But also a nightmare with swirl marks and just showing scratches because it's a flat (non-metallic) color.
  5. TXhauler

    2021 F150 Towing Capacity and Payload

    Why weren't they released on reveal night? It won't lose out to the outgoing 2020 F150 so we know it'll have a max tow capacity of at least 13,000 pounds, but should we expect an increase in towing capacity or just the same?
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    2 minutes!!
  7. TXhauler

    Ford Will Reveal 2021 F-150 Features During Citi Conference Call on June 26

    So true. Much nicer to have a visual or a live demo than just listening and having to imagine what they're talking about.
  8. TXhauler

    New 2021 F-150 Trim Possibly Captured in New Spy Pics

    From the analysis in this thread it’s just a Platinum trim model.
  9. TXhauler

    New 2021 F-150 Trim Possibly Captured in New Spy Pics

    I think that's right. I think the panel that the letter is on is curved outwards, resulting in a reflection running the length of the panel so it goes right through the N and appears to both sides of the letter.
  10. TXhauler

    2021 F-150 Ordering / Production Dates [Order Guide, Order Bank Info]

    Yes really not bad at all. Plants begin reopening next week and these new updated dates were released Friday so the new dates are probably with the reopening date already factored in. That means these new dates will probably hold.
  11. TXhauler

    What should the next F-150 change from the current model?

    I've always preferred the Raptor style tailgate applique. I wish it could be ordered without any of the stamping like below. Second best would be FORD lettering like the Raptor's minus the Raptor badge.
  12. TXhauler

    Is this the 8" or 12" screen for 2021 F150?

    It looks too big to be 8" and too small to be 15.5" so gotta be the 12 inch ;)
  13. TXhauler

    2021 F-150 Ordering / Production Dates [Order Guide, Order Bank Info]

    I keep checking this site hoping to see the reveal already, since we're within 40 days of order submission now so it's gonna be reallly soon. I think we'll be seeing the reveal in just 2-3 weeks latest.
  14. TXhauler

    What would 2026 look like?

    You're already thinking of the 2026 F150?! :ROFLMAO: Think I remember reading that the 15th gen F150 will be a more radical redesign but it's still so far out who really knows...
  15. TXhauler

    Who's an Electric F-150 shopper?

    Altho Rivian and Ford are sharing some engineering/development costs, at the end of the day Rivian is a competitor and if the R1S and R1T are wildly successful it will threaten Ford's bread and butter which are all moving in the direction of all electric. I don't see it happening anytime soon...
  16. TXhauler

    2021 F-150 (P702) INFO THREAD (Engines, Features, Colors, Order & Production Dates)

    If that order bank date holds, the reveal will probably be a couple of weeks before - so possibly late May - early June.
  17. TXhauler

    2021 F-150 Ordering / Production Dates [Order Guide, Order Bank Info]

    Thank you for the updated schedule. So we should probably expect the reveal to happen at least a couple of weeks before order submission starts? Which would put it around late May - early June.
  18. TXhauler

    Apple CarPlay and other navigation apps.

    That's awesome news. You tested this on your 2016 F150? Glad to see Apple has opened up CarPlay to using other navigation apps and not forcing you to Apple Maps. Do you know if Android Auto also allows you to use a third party nav app instead of Google Maps?