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  1. Videos: 2021 F-150 Walkthroughs, First Looks, Interior, Exterior, Driving Footage

    I compiled some videos of the new F-150 since it looks like a lot of publications got access to film it ahead of the reveal. Some good close up shots of the interior, exterior and driving vids here. I'm scouring the internet for more. If you guys see any post em up!
  2. 2021 F-150 Online Ordering and Deposits Process

    Makes sense especially in the hands off world we live in now. I haven't followed the Mach E much, has the reservations process gone smoothly?
  3. Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    Can't wait!! I'll be watching that Youtube stream. It shows it goes live at 7:50PM (Eastern)!
  4. Ford Will Reveal 2021 F-150 Features During Citi Conference Call on June 26

    I really hope they also talk about these new features during the reveal tonight and we won't have to wait until this conference call tomorrow. Strange way to do it if they really do that.
  5. Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    Come on Ford not even a teaser to go with that announcement? Still a month to go so we'll wait :D
  6. Is this the 8" or 12" screen for 2021 F150?

    The Mach-e's screen is bigger diagonally than its steering wheel. Clearly not the same size as the one in the Lariat. So who knows. Optical illusion since one is portrait vs landscape?
  7. 2022 F150 Raptor Imagined More in Renderings

    The Motor1 renderings look pretty much like a copy of the ones from this forum. Looks great to me now let's see it in more colors!
  8. Is this the 8" or 12" screen for 2021 F150?

    IF the Lariat is not the 15.5 (compared to the Mach-E it seems much smaller), I am really not sure how they will fit it judging by this picture. The screen is already stretched to its limits. They'd have to rework the whole center stack just for that screen which is highly unlikely. SO either it...
  9. 2021 F-150 Retro Design Rendering

    Just a little fun.... even if we know it wont look like this. What Next-Gen F-150 Would Look Like If Ford Went Retro The artist applies the aesthetics of the 1970s to a modern truck. Chris Bruce A new generation of the Ford F-150 is on the way, and spy shots even provide a decent preview...
  10. Must have features.

    - LED head and tail lights... have there been any prototypes spied with halogen lights? - New tailgate pivot step looks very promising, as long as it's not trim specific - Better materials in the interior. Hard to tell if the plastics/leather are improved from the spy photos.
  11. Are they gonna have the 2021 Roush, Shelby, and the Special Edition with the stripes across the doors?

    I don't see why they wouldn't, those post title conversions are big profit for Roush/Shelby American. I've always liked the Roush package which I think looks great on the F-150. The Shelby version looks weird to me, those racing stripes don't match well on the truck's large grille and hood IMO.
  12. What should the next F-150 change from the current model?

    I know the next F150 is not supposed to be a huge exterior overhaul from the current gen, but what if anything would you want to see changed?
  13. 2021 F150 Raptor SuperCrew Only? SuperCab Appears Axed

    Even with the higher take rate of the Supercrew vs Supercab I wonder why they decided to axe it. Big cost savings by building only one version of the Raptor? It's a niche product anyway.
  14. 2021 Ford F-150 Paint Colors Spectrum Revealed!

    Has anyone checked these codes against other Ford colors of the past? I know they sometimes rename colors they've used before. Wondering if they have done the same for the 2021 F-150 colors.
  15. Peek at the New 2021 F150 Lariat interior (digital gauges, 2 tone leather, huge screen, new shifter with stow option)

    Nicely done. Just the right amount of modern and new without losing its functionality and ruggedness. The large screen is nicely integrated as well.
  16. C&D: 2021 F-150 Design, Powertrains, Trims etc

    2021 Ford F-150 Will Get an Evolutionary Redesign Details on the new F-150 and F-150 Raptor's powertrains, exterior design, interior trims, and more. By David Beard Apr 6, 2020 Illustration by Radovan VaricakCar and Driver The Ford F-150 pickup truck is getting a redesign for 2021. Here's...