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  1. TAL2GK

    Good Closeup Look at 2021 F-150 In-Studio Walkthrough

    You're thinking of BigHorn. Laramie is under Longhorn in the Ram lineup. Limited tops the group.
  2. TAL2GK

    Good Closeup Look at 2021 F-150 In-Studio Walkthrough

    The interior LOOKS much better, but will the fit and finish measure up to Ram? That Longhorn interior is stunning and everything fits together so well. I hope Ford can deliver.
  3. TAL2GK

    Reclining rear seats?

    It's only helpful to the driver in that the rear passengers will be happier. The same argument could be made about getting a SuperCrew over a SuperCab.
  4. TAL2GK

    Factory Wheels Comparison - 2021 F-150 (XL, STX, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited)

    Looks like someone has access to the 2021 configurator! :cool: I'd sign up for the Lariat Sport wheels on my Platinum build, but since that won't be an option I'll be swapping mine out at a loss for some better off-road options. Still hoping FX4 wheels will differ from what's shown.
  5. TAL2GK

    Trailer tow mirrors with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) vs Standard Mirrors

    I'm definitely getting the trailer mirrors, but I suspect Ford wants you to get the standard mirrors for less wind resistance and better EPA rating.
  6. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 Colors from Every Angle

    I guess it depends on what is available with what trims. I'd love that Antimatter Blue in Platinum trim. I also love Velocity, but in the current lineup, it isn't available with Platinum.
  7. TAL2GK

    Reclining rear seats?

    The Ram reclines by sliding the bottom forward. It's actually pretty genius.
  8. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 order guide?

    What is the order code for COVID-19 delete?
  9. TAL2GK

    2021 F150 Towing Capacity and Payload

    I'm mostly concerned with payload. Yes, Ford claims a maximum payload of over 3,000, but of course none of the trucks really have that much. I'm hoping they hold the line or slightly improve payload capability for the average SuperCrew platform. Something north of 1,700 for a Platinum or King...
  10. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 order guide?

    "Available in fall" is a bit vague. If they're retooling now, you'd think production would start in August. I know that doesn't match other rumors out there, but surely they aren't cranking out 2020 models still and you wouldn't think they'd want the factories to go dormant too long. The RAM...
  11. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 Grilles (All 11 Unique Grills) Comparison

    I like the STX grille the best, though I'll almost certainly be buying a Platinum for access to some of the features I'd like most.
  12. TAL2GK

    Videos: 2021 F-150 Walkthroughs, First Looks, Interior, Exterior, Driving Footage

    Thanks for sharing, Cultran! I like the major improvement in look of the metal trim pieces. The rough brushed-look in the King Ranch almost makes me want to get that package - although Platinum trim and color choices appear pretty appealing, as well.
  13. TAL2GK


    ‘I’m with you. I’m literally waiting to buy a truck, but didn’t get the information I needed to make decision. I’m certainly not going to buy a new 2020 F150, but I’ll almost certainly need to make a decision before July 15. I was hoping to learn something meaningful.
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    I feel like a virgin at a burlesque show. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... show me the money makers!
  15. TAL2GK

    What do you hope to see at the 2021 F150 reveal tomorrow??

    I'd like to see Denis Leary slip an F-bomb into his presentation.
  16. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 Online Ordering and Deposits Process

    How does one come to an agreement on price using this method? Full sticker, no dicker?
  17. TAL2GK

    Denis Leary Will Present 2021 Ford F-150 on Reveal Night

    All the more reason to tune in! Denis is hilarious.
  18. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 Teased Once More Ahead of June 25 Reveal!

    I just test drove the 5.0 Coyote right after driving the Hemi in Ram's new 1500. I hate to say, but the Hemi had it over this version of the Coyote. I hope you're right, but I feel Ford is just keeping that dog hunting just for us old timers that don't want forced induction.
  19. TAL2GK

    2021 F-150 (P702) INFO THREAD (Engines, Features, Colors, Order & Production Dates)

    I'm assuming this interior update will only apply to light duty trucks at this time. Any info on when that'll take place for the Super Duty lineup?
  20. TAL2GK


    Like most of us, I love the Raptor. Unfortunately for me, I need more payload and towing than what the Raptor provides. I'm considering the F-250 with Tremor package. It's not the Baja jumper the Raptor is, but it still has heavy towing and payload limits. Of course, it isn't as nice of a ride...