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  1. Ford F-150 Lighting Inside and Out - Full Walkaround Video

    I agree and there are plenty of classes, coincidentally, on YouTube.
  2. F-150 Lightning EV Demand Soars – Over 100,000 Reservations Received (in Just 3 Weeks)!

    EaaS - Everything as a Service Say goodbye to private ownership.
  3. API access?

    I wish, but Ford is a traditional auto manufacturer first and it's been nearly a century since they've wanted you to work on your own vehicle and have access to everything on it.
  4. 15.5" infotainment screen vs. 12" screen

    1. This should be a poll B. The twelve inch unless I plush out to a Lariat, but an XLT Sport level has been great since my last Lariat in 2010. I'm just missing the swamp coolers in the front seats. 5. is right out!
  5. Official: 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Debuts June 8!

    Hmm... I am not a fan of the name and it just seems to be another "camel" of ambiguous design; jack of all trades, master of none.
  6. Ford F-150 Lightning Will Be 1st All-Electric Pickup Truck To Offer Full-Size Spare Tire

    Thanks for the article! I would have considered it a silly demand or must-have in casual conversation, but after reading this it could be a make or break for the electric truck buyer. The Tesla and Mach E drivers are likely carrying passengers or groceries and despite the inconvenience of...
  7. 2021 Raptor's 450 HP / 510 LB-FT Torque specs possibly leaked in towing guide

    I wonder how the seat-of-the-pants or butt-dyno registers this change; better off-road or on?
  8. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Durability Testing Footage

    I don't plan on testing it that much, but maybe some fire roads or a touch of mud. It's nice to know they test it hard, though.
  9. Reg Cab/Short Bed Club The Loneliest Thread on the Board

    In Velocity Blue??? What would your 'Bama think? ;) Great choices. I'd love an RCSB, but have the F-word; a family, lol. I need more garage space for two F150s
  10. Ford CEO Talks F-150 Lightning and EV Future - The Verge Interview

    Being located where you are, I understand it's hard to grasp the concept of anything belonging to the people, lol. I am reminded of the song Alive by Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder wrote that to describe how pissed he was to still be alive after he found out the news, but fans took it to be a battle...
  11. Ford Debuts F-150 Lightning Pro – Electric Work Truck for Commercial Customers

    This is my favorite part about it! I really hope to get that LED unibrow removed no matter which trim I get; looks much better.
  12. First drive review & impressions of F-150 Lightning

    Most people don't do either of those things, but will pick those hills to die on when it comes to making a purchase. I think a full switch to EV is a long ways off, but Ford made a great EV F150... on paper. Edit: I'm really looking forward to the Frunk and powering a house with it... although...
  13. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trims / Models Differences - Explained

    I believe that is the same source that said the 2021 Bronco with Sasquatch Package would be available with a manual transmission, so...
  14. Answers & Pics From F-150 Lightning Event & Product Experts

    Thank you! I hope they fix the charging with a trailer issue. Although, with the pro trailer backup assist, it may not be that big of a deal as long as there's room to park with your trailer in the first place. I don't understand who, at Ford, allowed the graphic designer with a stylus draw on...
  15. Digital Instrument Cluster and 12 Inch Screen Standard

    That's one thing keeping me of the mindset that the XLT is the one for me.
  16. Does the F150 charge on either side?

    I doubt it due to the extra cost, but what a cool feature if you could hog two chargers at once for faster charging!
  17. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trims / Models Differences - Explained

    It's going to be a big bucket of ice water when retail customers realize that Ford is only selling the base version to commercial/fleet customers.
  18. POLL: F-150 Lightning Subforum or New Standalone Site

    There is a separate forum for Bronco6G and the Sport, FYI I fully agree that since Ford kept the "fuselage," as Farley put it to The Verge, that it should be a subforum. The Bronco Sport share nothing but a branding.
  19. Federal EV $7500 Rebate for F-150 Lightning

    I'm going to continue to think of it as a possible bonus. I know there are going to be a lot of upset customers who get pushed back and land outside of the federal credit window. The great news is that Ford, according to Farley himself, knows that the switch to EVs won't happen if they're all...
  20. Nearly 45k F-150 Lightning reservations received in under 48 hours

    I'm just glad to be day one-ish on this vehicle so I'm pretty sure I'll get mine in that first year of production. I think the first year will be effectively sold out by the end of the week; like my Raiders getting mathematically eliminated early, lol.