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  1. PowerBoost F150 will run without engine battery hooked up...

    I'm surprised by this, I really would have expected the big high voltage battery to be dedicated to the power delivery system. Almost makes you wonder why they even bothered with a traditional 12v battery at all then if the entire truck functions without it even plugged in. I guess this also...
  2. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    Oh, yeah you can absolutely disable all the driver assist features like adaptive cruise, lane centering, etc. I thought you were asking if they had an option to disable the requirement to keep your hands on the wheel.
  3. Still no PowerBoost Tunes?

    I'm in full agreement with your last statement. I'm not sure if the motor is currently just being governed/limited or that's really all it has, but I really wish you could get some juice out of the electric motor than it gives today. Really feels like with an extra 25% or so of electric power...
  4. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    No, that's the whole reason people have come up with these workarounds. I'm hopeful someone will be able to find a way with FORScan to extend the time between it checking on your or just disabling it all together, but there's nothing available yet that I know of.
  5. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    Maybe... Ford steering assist device. $19.99
  6. PowerBoost F150 will run without engine battery hooked up...

    When you say it started and drove, did the ICE actually start as well, or was it just running on the electric motor in the test you did? Was it throwing codes or warnings at all? I would have figured it wouldn't be very happy in that state at all.
  7. Still no PowerBoost Tunes?

    I didn't realize there weren't any 2021 tunes available at all, hat's odd considering the rest of the engines were largely unchanged from 2020. We'll definitely see some impressive torque numbers on the PowerBoost if they can eventually get it done.
  8. Still no PowerBoost Tunes?

    I check every so often and still haven’t see anyone with a tune on a PowerBoost. Not that I’d necessarily do it anytime soon, but I’m interested to see what they can get out of it. I remember seeing some videos of one on a dyno early on and thought a tune was supposed to be coming shortly after...
  9. April Blend Dates Built or Shipped Pattern?

    That’s from the internal Ford system, the public can’t use it. He likely got that from a dealer or something.
  10. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    Yeah 2lbs is a lot, I’ll weigh my thing later but I don’t think it’s 2lbs. One thing that definitely does matter is where you put it on the wheel. It’ll cause the most resistance (Have the most leverage) at the 9:00 or 3:00 positions, if you just hang something on the bottom, unless it’s...
  11. 03/15 Build Week

    It's normal to get mixed responses back from the regular Ford Tracker, the servers cache stuff and depending which on you hit, you can flip flop back and forth when a status first changes. Use one of the other trackers and you'll probably get consistent results, or just wait a day and the Ford...
  12. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    That's pretty common once you're built. Myself and several others all had their ETAs jump a week to 10 days once they came off the line, and is usually a sign you did at least get built, then once it ships it seems like it usually comes back down to the original ETA, or close to it anyway. If...
  13. Review: With 7,000 Miles on Our 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid, What Do We Think?

    I agree, and with the 22” wheels you get the worst of it due to almost no sidewall on the tires. I’ll say my ‘21 is light years smoother and quieter riding that my ‘15. Still a truck like you said, it’s not going to ride like a Bentley…
  14. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    Here’s the little thing I made up when experimenting with what it would take to keep the system happy. Low tech but works great.
  15. 6/14 Build Week Club

    It’s definitely someone just doing a copy/paste of their standard “fine print” from their ads. They’ve probably literally never offered an incentive specific to special orders before so likely just slipped by. And also, someone else pointed out that technically everything is dealer stock until...
  16. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I actually happen to be one lol. ordered 4/13, delivered to dealer on 6/1 (7 weeks order to delivery). I was one of the random unicorns that managed a quicker than normal turnaround time by ordering late enough that they had stopped the craziness of parking incomplete trucks, and because I got a...
  17. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Oh I thought it only had to be ordered by then my bad
  18. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    The only thing I could see them doing is forcing the driver attention thing on to prevent people from not paying attention at least. But yes, the way it work is by feeling resistance to it trying to turn, assuming your hands are doing that. It’s not so much just weight, but the fact that the...
  19. 6/14 Build Week Club

    The one you’re thinking of, that was specific to custom orders, is unfortunately only valid on orders placed from April of this year to July 6th of this year. But the one mentioned sounds like it might be better anyway.
  20. 6/14 Build Week Club

    The expected number of days it’ll take to ship.