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  1. Placed Cybertruck order after Lightning reservation

    I've been without my truck since May 7th due to accident and I still have parts on backorder... Fenders, and frame rail extension (Bumper mount) are the big ones on backorder.... how are these simple parts on backorder I have no clue yet they can build trucks to park on a race track.. I've...
  2. 2021 Raptor's 450 HP / 510 LB-FT Torque specs possibly leaked in towing guide

    The base Raptor as we knew in 2019 is gone now. The supercab Raptor is dead, and you can't really get a stripped down Raptor anymore. Sure the suspension upgrades are there but lots of the hardcore guys that actually used their Raptor just had their ideal truck taken from them. And yes I...
  3. 2021 Raptor's 450 HP / 510 LB-FT Torque specs possibly leaked in towing guide

    If this is right the Raptor guys are going to be avoiding the Gen 3. A lot are already PO'd about the price increase that they are saying they need a good power bump to feel its worth it.
  4. I guess when they say "Built Ford Tough" they mean it

    I know right.... of all things that are on back order it was/is all sheet metal parts.
  5. I guess when they say "Built Ford Tough" they mean it

    FYI don't get hit in the front. I did and I've been without my truck for 3 weeks now and some parts (fender) are still on backorder. I might get it back 1st or 2nd week of June partially done and end up first of July before its all complete.
  6. Prototype Raptor Grille at Night

    As a guy that had a Raptor and is still on Raptor forms most Raptor owners do find it annoying. But everyone is also entitled to do what they want and give the middle finger to those who disagree.
  7. Adding a Sub to non-unleashed BO system

    I do agree but at the same time I knew what I had in the Raptor and I liked it. I've seen (and heard) people that put large sub systems in trucks and it not sound as good as a factory setup.
  8. Adding a Sub to non-unleashed BO system

    You might be right you can see the amp on the 18 vs the 8 looks different.. Might be worth a dealership visit sometime to take a closer look...
  9. Adding a Sub to non-unleashed BO system

    Screen shots of what I found. Door speakers might be improved and the extra speakers in head rests and such but looks like the same sub back there on both set-ups. Also the Raptor or 2018+ B&O setup. You can see the sub box is a lot more substantial on the Raptor
  10. Adding a Sub to non-unleashed BO system

    So I looked into ford parts the other day and the both B&O systems show the same sub back there... I might be looking at it wrong but one clearly said 18 speaker and the other 8 speaker. Looking at the 2018 Raptor sub setup, the wires going into the amp look like they could be the same but I'm...
  11. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I got 1000 miles in. Overall 18.5mpg, The last tank was 19.5. My last few "My Trips" been getting in the 20's and that is a mix of taking it easy to tap into electric power and full on throttle bursts.
  12. Standard vs B&O Audio (Non-unleashed)

    So the new sub looks like there is a lot to be desired compared to the old B&O sub. A quick look on ford parts the 8 speaker and 18 speaker sub look the same... Can anyone confirm this? The plug style on both subs are pretty close but the old sub has 4 wires to the new subs 2...if one was to...
  13. Standard vs B&O Audio (Non-unleashed)

    I went from a 2018 Raptor with the B&O system and was thinking the 2021 standard B&O system would be the same...but the bass is very lacking. Heard that the 2021 sub is smaller than the old system it has me thinking can I get a 2018-2020 B&O sub and swap it for the current one.
  14. Adding a Sub to non-unleashed BO system

    Would a 2018 - 2020 B&O sub work in a 2021?