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  1. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed w/ Standard Hybrid, 40 MPG, Under $20k MSRP

    Back when I first started looking into trucks I thought Tundra would be a good buy. Then I saw the awful crash test performance. And the interiors are so outdated at this point. Ford just has better overall products in my mind at this point. This thing potentially makes the Tacoma irrelevant...
  2. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed w/ Standard Hybrid, 40 MPG, Under $20k MSRP

    Any info on how the hybrid functions? Is it just like the Powerboost on the F150?
  3. Backing to a trailer

    Try turning off the auto hold function? By default, it is set to “on” with the Powerboost engine.
  4. Have 27 ft., 6,600 lb. (dry weight) Camper, need truck--which one?

    Sorry, but you are drinking the Kool Aid. For one thing, there are no real world numbers on what those trucks can actually pull. 150 miles with how heavy of a trailer? And even if there are charging stations, who says they can accommodate travel trailers while you charge the truck?
  5. Have 27 ft., 6,600 lb. (dry weight) Camper, need truck--which one?

    Yeah, maybe if he wants to drive 100 miles maximum before he needs to pull over and attempt to charge his truck with a solar panel when he’s out driving through the mountains. As for the original question. You should be fine if you get the 3.5 EcoBoost and the max tow package with no other...
  6. Got my rust issues addressed

    So, the quick version here is that my truck had what I would call a mild to moderate case of rear axle rust. Dealer didn't address it when it took delivery, I was told it was cosmetic. I shrugged and moved on at the time. After reading these forums, and having time to let it sit and stew in my...
  7. TSB / FSA: 2021 Ford F-150 Steering Gear Recall

    My FordPass app doesn't even display a Service and Support tab when viewing the "Vehicle" tab. My truck has never received an OTA update, either. I'm convinced the damn computer system doesn't even work right.
  8. Mirrors for those of us without factory Tow Mirrors

    I was worried about pulling our new RV and was looking for solutions. It’s a 24 foot travel trailer. I just used a Furrion cam to monitor the rear as needed and adjusted my mirrors. I had pretty darn good visibility. No trailer tow mirrors. So depending on what it is, it’s probably easier to...
  9. What changes when Tow/Haul mode is used?

    So today I pulled home a new 4800 pound travel trailer and was kind of perplexed by the differences between Tow/Haul mode and Normal mode when pulling the trailer. When the truck was in Tow/Haul I feel like it was guzzling gas in comparison to when in Normal mode. It took a bit more gas to get...
  10. 12 volt plug always hot?

    The problem with a hardwire kit is that it doesn’t eliminate wire clutter. The reason I wanted to try and use the mirror connection was to eliminate having to hide much wire. Seems like I’m out of luck though.
  11. 12 volt plug always hot?

    I hadn’t considered a hardwire kit. Don’t those drain the battery as well? I don’t know how to wire one of those up and I haven’t tried before. Most of the cams on the market need a 12 volt power supply or a hardwire kit. I guess the power from the mirror just doesn’t cut it.
  12. 12 volt plug always hot?

    Just tried to get a new Vantrue dash cam up and running and the thing is always on when plugged into the 12 volt outlet. Even when I walk away and lock the truck. I don’t really want this thing draining battery. It’s not going to pull a lot of current but I’m just paranoid It’s looking like I...
  13. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    No thanks. Mediocre range at best and it’ll be even worse if you try to pull literally anything with it. The infrastructure just doesn’t exist for these to really catch on. At least not where I live. Too expensive for most people too.
  14. Is the Hybrid worth the upgrade?

    And in the end it will make no difference in environmental impact or stress on infrastructure given what it takes to produce the batteries as well as what it will take for everyone to be charging an EV all at the same time. Ever thought about what happens to all of the batteries once they’re...
  15. 2022 F-150 ordering & start of production dates

    Probably will shake out to be one of the most bizarre year to year changeovers of all time. I’ve barely even seen 21 F-150s on the roads, let alone large amounts sitting at the dealerships. What will they even change? Make the grills slightly different, put one more stamped line on the...
  16. First Ford Power-Up Update

    Do you have to be connected to WiFi in order to get updates? If so, the “over the air” marketing is utterly phony. Our Corollas get pushed updates without being connected to anything. I assume that you don’t need to be connected to WiFi in the truck in any way in order to get the updates. But I...
  17. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    I haven’t received a single update.
  18. Dash Cam Placement

    Anyone got recommendations for a camera mount that hangs from the rear view mirror stalk? I’ve used a particular mount in our other vehicles but it’s kind of janky to be quite honest. Sticky mounts just don’t work where we live. Gets way too hot and the things just melt right off.
  19. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    What did you get done in terms of the undercarriage? Did you have any surface rust at all?