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  1. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    I'm surprised they don't have a setting to just shut off the driver assist altogether. I hope they update that before I get my rig.... super annoying to modify your driving habits due to this... takes away from the experience Edit: Just googled it - you can turn this off in your settings
  2. Raptor Order Info

    So what is the first thing we are to expect from the order process? I was told the order was put in the system but I don't have any order# or vin, What should I be asking for? Thanks!
  3. Raptor Grille Build.

    Looks great!! now if my Lead Foot Raptor would hurry up and get built I could post a comparison pic for you
  4. What cars do you have now?

    2014 Camaro 1LE Raptor on order…. Tick tick tick
  5. Where in the Tri State are you from?!?!

    Bergen county NJ Raptor on order - let’s see how long this takes
  6. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    hmmmm have to check the Raptors price on shocks,,,, maybe it makes more sense as I'm sure replacement cost will be up there. Also I just thought about inflation that we are already seeing (keep printing that money) ... just because an oil change cost xx right now does not mean it will cost that...
  7. Link: 2021 Raptor Build & Price! Post your build!

    35" Lead Foot 801A, Power Tech Package, bead-lock wheels, and the moon roof Avoided the bed liner and any cover as I can do this aftermarket and read it may slow the build Pretty much the look I was after out of the box... may have to upgrade the ring and all the bolts on the wheels to black
  8. Raptor and Tremor ordering opens on June 16

    no impact - just keep calling around your local dealers (Soon!) hopefully you can find an MSRP one......
  9. Raptor and Tremor ordering opens on June 16

    Keep looking - my order is in @MSRP ($500 deposit)- had him write on the "price of unit" box - "MSRP" on the Retail Order sheet.... its real now! Of course the weeks we will have to wait will hamper the excitement
  10. What color for your Raptor?

    Agreed! Black was off the table as my car is black and I want something new... so Lead Foot, and I agree it doesn't look good on other vehicles... I do like it on the Raptor (ordered today!)
  11. What color for your Raptor?

    I might have considered this if I was going with 37's.... Just wish Ford opened up more colors
  12. What color for your Raptor?

    This was my #1 I wish it looked the same way as it does on the B&P .... went by a dealership and looked at the color. The vehicle (not sure what it was.. a larger SUV) was a little dirty that really showed and the color was just not what I wanted.... a dark blue None of the other colors are...
  13. What color for your Raptor?

    Struggling with the color choices….. what are you getting?
  14. Dealers charging over MSRP!

    All the dealers around me have said they are suspending partner plans until further notice....
  15. Link: 2021 Raptor Build & Price! Post your build!

    Ok - this makes sense why the dealer that agreed to order at MSRP has delayed me.... probably trying to work out the system
  16. F-150 Tremor Build & Price is LIVE! Post your build!

    My 2 builds were so close that I have to agree... and I'm trying to order a Raptor today. The big thing is finding a dealer that will stay at sticker (I did verbally we will see today when we are suppose to order) most tell you they are marking it up and then if you add 37 tires (I am not) it...
  17. Link: 2021 Raptor Build & Price! Post your build!

    Raptor So a little reaching out and I found a local dealer with an allocation at MSRP...... if you want one (lets face it a Raptor will never be a need) canvas your area (soon) and take the calls... took me 3 dealers..... first one didn't have any allocation, second one wanted $8k over...
  18. Recaros - long trips?

    I have them on my 14 Camaro and they were worth every penny as it keeps me where I need to be during an autocross event. Now on a Raptor I'm not going to do this type of turns so (if I can find a dealer to order me one) I will go without and save the money (not going 37 either so....)
  19. Link: 2021 Raptor Build & Price! Post your build!

    Not even sure why they release a B&P when their going to make so few of them