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  1. SPACE WHITE F-150 (2021+) Club

    my truck with falkens in 295/70r18 on Method 701s (+18 offset) and for now a readylift spacer (the bilstein's I want haven't been available for some time so I'll get those later, probably after properly valved rear suspension is ready).
  2. First Look: 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor - IN VELOCITY BLUE METALLIC!!

    is it me or is the rake even more pronounced on that one?
  3. California 20" Sport wheels and tires for sale

    3000 miles on them. No TPMS but mounted balanced and aired up. Recently removed these from my truck. Condition is like new with one exception of a small blemish near the valve stem on one of the wheels. See photos for details. I'm in Northern California, Marin county specifically. Willing to...
  4. Tefaflex Falcon shocks for 2021 F-150 available in 3-5 months

    Ah, thanks for moving this to its own thread. So yeah, this essentially confirms that the front struts from any manufacturer, Bilstein, fox, etc would work for the 2021 models, but for the rears, you might wait to upgrade.
  5. Tefaflex Falcon shocks for 2021 F-150 available in 3-5 months

    I know this is a slightly old thread but this was the message I received back from Teraflex when I asked about the falcon kit: "It will fit and install fine but the valving in the rear shocks is not correct for the change in leaf springs they did on the 21 models." THey gave me a 3-5 month...