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  1. Choosing your dealer

    Curious how much thought people are putting into their choice of dealer. I have never purchased a new Ford, so at reservation time I just put in my closest dealer (Gosch Ford in Temecula, Ca). Researching afterward, I find they have a bad reputation (Yelp) for both sales and service. So I'm...
  2. Ford, GM Are All-In On EVs. Here’s How Their Dealers Feel About It

    I'm guessing they did a random phone survey of reservation holders. Maybe 10 people? :p
  3. Ford F-150 Lightning Will Be 1st All-Electric Pickup Truck To Offer Full-Size Spare Tire

    Strange statement. Go into the Rivian configurator today. You can add a full size spare to the pickup. The R1S SUV is shorter and can only have a donut. But the R1T pickup can be ordered with a full size spare.
  4. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Missed the reveal (lost track of time) Date Reservation Placed: 05/19/2021 Reservation ID Number: 10827802 Southern California