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  1. Towing Specs Consolidated Document - Bumper vs. Class IV vs. Tow vs. Max Tow - UPDATED DOC v4

    Question for you all: I ordered a Powerboost with Tow tech. This means I have compared to trailer tow package (not max tow) - same larger radiator (standard on powerboost) - same transmission (all have same oil coolers seems for 2021) - same 7350 gvwr frame (same for all PBs) - same rear axle...
  2. 2021 Turning Diameter

    Yup. This is the 2015 (which I assume is the same until 2020) : 47.8 for 5.5ft bed Supercrew 4x4 and 4x2. Same as 2021 listed specs... I'm hoping that the extra inch of tire on the 20's caused...
  3. 2021 Turning Diameter

    Yes. And I can confirm after driving theirs the radius is bigger. You may be referring to the adaptive steering making it easier to maneuver in lots until you lock out (shorter turn to lock at lower speeds), which I agree is true and super nice.
  4. Hellwig 7743 Rear Sway Bar Installed

    Installed it on a Platinum Powerboost 4x4 shortbed. Fits, although on the axle, one U bolt is slightly angled because of some new wiring on the rear axle. No noises and definitely improves handling. The cornering ability is kind of stupid now for a 6000lb body on frame pickup with the stiffest...
  5. 2021 Turning Diameter

    Does anyone feel it is worse on the 21s? Listed as the same per ford's online spec. My suspicion is that on my parent's 21 Platinum, turning is noticably worse than my old 2015 4x4 Lariat, because the 33" tires that come with the 20" wheels on the 21, as opposed to the 32" tires that come with...
  6. She has arrived safe and sound

    Nice truck. How is the ride quality? 18's and no FX4 should make it pretty smooth. Make sure to set tire pressures to rec. psi, most come overinflated from factory.
  7. Lightest 34" AT tires?

    Firestone Destination AT2 if they have the size. They are all P rated and tested by tire rack to get good mileage.
  8. 4/26 Build Week

    My parents was built 5/2, shipped 5/4. There's arrived at dealer on 5/12. Mine was built 4/22 and never coming ha. I also had an incorrect order built 3/16, still in purgatory as well.
  9. 4/26 Build Week

    Have you checked ? What does it say? Happy for you man.
  10. Extang Solid Fold for 15-20 F150 Fits 2021

    It just occurred to me that I could try installing my Extang solid fold (1st gen not 2.0) Trifolding tonneau cover on my brother's 21 STX while I wait for my 21 Lariat. And it fits! Even better than on my 15, because the clearance/approach angle on the tailgate closing is actually much cleaner...
  11. Got my truck today My F-150 Ordering Story (04/26 built week)

    Did palsapp show any status for you at time of delivery or leading up to? Atleast pending? My eta is still 5/24 and build date 4/24 somewhat similar to you, but palsapp shows nothing for my vin, while other trucks that have been delivered to my dealer have a freight bill.
  12. 4/19 Build Week

    I ordered 2/1, built 3/15 wrong color, correction ordered 3/11, built 4/24. Both are sitting in parts hell still. Family however ordered mid January, built 5/3, and delivered today. Go figure. All dearborn builds.
  13. 15-20 Hellwig Rear Sway Bar is Compatible with 2021

    Saw on this forum that the 2015-2020 rear sway bar is compatible with the 21's I took mine off my 15 today, which I am trading in. HUGE difference in handling, minimal in ride quality. I'd recommend for anyone who doesn't...
  14. California Takeoff 275 65r18 Goodyear Wrangler Territory A/T

    Set of 4 to be taken off at delivery. In Sacramento/Reno/Tahoe area. Asking $600. PM for interest. Thanks.
  15. 2021 STX Impressions

    My brother picked up an STX at the end of last month and I've been driving it a good bit before my lariat comes heh. It's a 2.7 ecoboost 4x4, Oxford white, with optional 20" STX rims. 1) Significantly quieter than my 2015 Lariat - even though I had dynamatted the doors and put michelin...
  16. California FS/FT: 2021 F150 Lariat Chrome Appearance Package

    I'm interested in the step bars. Let me know how much you are willing to sell them for. Thank you.
  17. Can someone tell me what the stock tires are for Lariat Supercrew 4x4 with sport package??

    Goodyear Territory A/T 275 65r18. Brand new tire designed for the f150.
  18. 4/19 Build Week

    Good news all (I think...) My window sticker today updated, showing "final assembly plant" and the "ship to" boxes populated. Was previously To It now resembles the state all of window stickers for delivered trucks at my dealer. My first order (3/16 build date probably still on Ramp59)...
  19. 4/19 Build Week
  20. 4/19 Build Week

    Mine moved from "In Production" (since 4/1 before Dearborn shutdown) to "In Production 4/22" today. The f150gen14 tracker is still behind/not showing the update. This means the truck is actually going down the line, I'm pretty sure. If I get changed to built/shipped in the next few days...