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  1. Are you going to visit the factory?

    They dont allow any cameras on the tour, and you dont see the whole process. Here is one of the newer videos on YT from Dearborn.
  2. Are you going to visit the factory?

    The Lightning will be built in a different building than the regular F150s so they may not offer tours. The Electric Vehicle Center is part of the historic Rouge Complex in Dearborn and is located between the Dearborn Truck Plant‘s body shop and Assembly Building. Living in the Detroit suburbs...
  3. Burning plastic smell while towing

    Those turbos get a real workout towing. We towed our #4500 trailer on pretty flat highway and I displayed the boost gauge up on the dash. Normal driving not towing the gauge doesn't move much, when towing they are running from 50-100% most of the trip, something must get hot under the hood but I...
  4. Dealer says truck build is "scheduled" but no VIN yet. Is this normal?

    Sounds like dealer doesn't know what is going on, the VIN is one of the first steps after the order is entered, No VIN, No Build, Better call the dealer.
  5. Ford, GM Are All-In On EVs. Here’s How Their Dealers Feel About It

    Well GM won't be selling to many of the butt ugly Hummer EV for $125k, I see them running around town they look like the old Avalanche.
  6. Husky wheel well liners

    But the site says 4-6 weeks to build and ship. I just asked my dealer the other day about the Ford liners, he can get them next day from warehouse for $130
  7. Dealers charging over MSRP!

    Your best bet is have a salesperson do a search, I was using the Ford inventory search system to search and came close but not what I wanted. I talked to a girl about a truck but it had just sold, she said I will find you one, two days later she found two, one local one 600 miles away, said she...
  8. Dealers charging over MSRP!

    For the amount of money it could save you its worth flying up and driving 1400 miles back, or have it shipped, and still come out ahead.
  9. Dealers charging over MSRP!

    You need to search other markets to find a good deal. I am in the Detroit suburbs and most of the larger dealers around here are stocked pretty good with a variety of trucks. None of them are charging over MSRP, and most are a few thousand under MSRP or more if you drive a hard deal.
  10. Speed up F-150 order by removing fender liner option?

    I was just at the dealer a few days ago and asked parts how long it would take to get the rear wheel well liners, he said how about tomorrow, guess they are not on backorder anymore. I can see the bed liner slowing things down a bit but the liners are in stock
  11. Disable horn sound when walking away?

    You have to go into FORscan and change the code to make it stop. Do a search on this site as someone has compiled a large list of codes that can be changed by laptop connected to the truck.
  12. Vibration at highway speeds 75MPH

    No vibrations for me, 20 inch wheels with factory Hankook tires. Pulled a #4500 trailer several hundred miles at 80-85 and no shake or rattles, this truck is tight and quiet.
  13. Yaw sensor AND trailer camera together?

    I had no use for this kit and listed it on Ebay, sold for $330. We just have a small #4500 camper and have no reason to use it.
  14. First Look: 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor - IN VELOCITY BLUE METALLIC!!

    True I haven't seen the F150 Tremor in person but from what I see in the picture its in a different league compared to a SD Tremor. Have you looked at a SD Tremor in person. I also looked at a Ranger Tremor and that was a JOKE and I can see the 150 following right along, not impressed.
  15. First Look: 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor - IN VELOCITY BLUE METALLIC!!

    What exactly is that when the concept behind the SD Tremor is the same as the F150 Tremor. When I looked at the SD Tremor on dealer lots my impression was wow from top to bottom, one bad ass truck set up for off roading and looked so sweet compared to a stock SD. I look at the F150 Tremor and...
  16. First Look: 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor - IN VELOCITY BLUE METALLIC!!

    Not impressed, just looks like a F150. If I wanted a real Tremor I would buy a F250/350, I have looked at a few of those on dealer lots and they are bad ass trucks.
  17. I give up!

    If you have a good salesperson they will find you a truck. I called on a truck back in early April and the girl said I just took a deposit on it but I can find you one, so I sent her a list and said this is what I want. Two days later she called me and said I found two, one is four hundred miles...
  18. I think I found my phone mount

    I don't understand why anyone would need/want an ugly phone mount hanging from a vent or somewhere on the dash. Its so simple to just use the Sync screen for anything phone related. Thats not something on my wish list.
  19. Production Numbers, Interesting Read, Not Much Being produced
  20. Screen protector or not for 12" display screen?

    Seems like a waste of money to me, why would anybody need one.