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  1. Driver door creak.

    Anyone have issues with the doors, B pillar area squeak and creak? Mine is right in my left ear while driving. Mainly notice it when it’s hot out and the sun is hitting it. Dealer replaced the glossy B pillar piece already thinking it was not secured enough under it but it was. It seems to be...
  2. I need a source for incentives at time of order rules

    Do you have a sales agreement that breaks everything down to the price you agreed upon? I ordered in January and got locked into 1000 for ford finance and 500 for F-series rebate or something.
  3. Topper availability?

    I emailed ARE in early may and they still had no ETA for the Z or Z2 yet.
  4. Screen protector or not for 12" display screen?

    I have the OCDplug matte finish one. It eliminates the fingerprints and glare. Worth the 40 bucks or so for it to me.
  5. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    thats not true on warranty. I ordered 1/26 and picked up 5/25. My extended warranty goes to 5/25/2027
  6. 5/24 Build Week

    My dads 5/24 bled arrived in Pittsburgh 6/2. Took delivery 6/3. Tracker ETA was 6/30. Never had a check mark in build just showed a date of 5/26 and below the shipped said 6 days but never checked. Truck has power boards, wheel well liners and bed liner, all of which said to cause delays. Will...
  7. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    How do you claim it for already bought trucks like the article says? I picked up my January order last week but I would atleast fill out papers and try to get the rebate if it was available after purchase. Worst they can say is no
  8. Ecto150 - 2021 Lariat 502A PowerBoost

    Nice truck, Just to tint the front two doors should be like 50-60 bucks at a local tint guy. Wheel well liners are about 160 from fairway ford online. mx4 I got shipped to my house in Pittsburgh for 750 and installed in less then half hour.
  9. 5/24 Build Week

    I just checked my dads 5/25 build. Ford tracker shows it built but no check mark and says awaiting shipping with 6/30 eta. Ford chat says it’s delivered. The tracker on this site also says delivered today 6/2. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning.
  10. Front door panel / window creaking / rattling (Updated w/ Fix)

    I hear more of a squeak or creaking noise up near my ear. Iv narrowed it down to the glossy door Pilar on driver side. When I push on it, it creaks. When I push on the other 4 doors they are quite.
  11. Rapid red 157wb Lariat 502A delivered

    Here is my lariat I took delivery of on Tuesday. I ordered 1/26. Was originally scheduled week off 4/12 but got pushed due to shut down to 5/17. Blend 5/19 and delivered on 5/21. Was shocked to get the call it was in that day. Very happy so far. Came from a 2018 with similar specs. Rapid red...
  12. Can power running boards come down one side at a time?

    Hi I tried searching and can’t find anything. Can the power running boards be set to where only the driver or passenger side comes down like they did in previous years. Mine is set that both sides come down when you open a door. I think that’s why they sound louder than previous years as they...
  13. 5/17 Build Week Club

    5/19 blend delivered tonight. Delivered to dealer 5/21. Will post better pics and review once I get my cover and things installed. Swapped out the pirellis for Goodyear’s.
  14. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    I got one to populate finally but my dealer says I can’t combine it because I was locked in to the rebates I’m January when I ordered. They are saying the most I can get is 2k in rebates now not 3500 like it would be if I could use the pco with the ones I was locked into(1000 for fincance and...
  15. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Iv tired different emails, even put in my wife’s info and still not qualified. Picking up my truck at 330 today.
  16. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    I can get the pop up but says I don’t qualify. Anyone have any luck getting around that? Picking up my truck tomorrow and have been trying for months to get one!
  17. Awesome job DTP!

    Nice trucks! I had the same luck this week. My 5/19 blend was delivered to dealer 5/21 and it has the spray in liner too which seems to cause delays. . Ordered 1/26. Will pick up Tuesday.
  18. 5/17 Build Week Club

    I never had a check mark in the built column. It showed a date of 5/20 but no check mark. Mine is 5/19 blend and delivered 5/21! Will pick up Monday or Tuesday.
  19. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Is mine a new record for being delivered 2 days after being built and having spray in liner!? Salesman just called and said it arived this afternoon! Can’t get it till Monday or Tuesday. Will take a ride tonight to get and get a look at it.