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  1. Dealer says truck build is "scheduled" but no VIN yet. Is this normal?

    This is the latest update they received today.
  2. Can the Partitioned Lockable Fold-Flat Storage be installed by the dealer?

    So I got my truck ordered. Well, kind of, I suppose. Was negotiating with a very large "Southern State" dealership, one that also has an inhouse huge mod center (will refrain from naming the dealer, but I am sure most of you can figure it out). Agreed on a price, sent him my build spec, talked...
  3. Do's and Don'ts of breaking in a new truck

    We are not debating which oil to be used. Clearly the one that the manufacturer recommends. The "science" question was about all the 'advices' that people here give "do this and do that, don't do this and don't do that, change the oil after 1000 miles, don't use cruise control, etc" (during...
  4. Do's and Don'ts of breaking in a new truck

    OK, that's how I use cruise as well, I basically dirve with my fingers when driving long distance on highways, that's fine. I just don't understand the science behind the other suggestions including the "change oil after 1000 miles", even if it's a synthetic one. I (at least want to) believe...
  5. Do's and Don'ts of breaking in a new truck

    I wonder what's the "science" behind all the fine suggestions here. Like "no cruise control for X number of miles". Why? What's the point? Did Ford say so or suggested it? Why change the oil early if Ford doesn't say or recommend?
  6. 2021 F-150 Ordering / Production Dates [Order Guide, Order Bank Info]

    What does it mean in plain English for someone who's looking to place an order for 2021 F-150?
  7. Interior "A pillar" handle removal?

    I 2nd the Q
  8. Who knew?

    Not surprised, with the shittty music they keep playing on repeat all day long.
  9. Black Ford Emblems / Logos?

    Sick looking truck! How did you get the F-150 on the tailgate black?
  10. Happy with 5.0?

    (y) Didn't know it can be turned off. We already are...
  11. Trying to be a happy customer

    What the OP described sounds like a clear Lemon IMO, not something that should be "fixed".
  12. When can I realistically expect to get my truck?

    I actually went state by state (well, almost) and dealer by dealer (also almost :D ), as well as Autotrader. I'll follow your advise. I spoke with several dealers and will reach out to them again. Thank you.
  13. When can I realistically expect to get my truck?

    Only 500 miles radius?! That's nothing ;) . I just finished a full week of searching across the country. I honestly don't mind flying to the west coast and drive a truck back to the east. If I found one. I feel your pain. Not going to settle for items I don't want or things that I really want...
  14. My new order

    Nothing in the link
  15. Lariat and Floor Shifter - help me understand something

    Correct, I am not relying on the FX4 logo to find a Sports package but rather on the wheels. Sports Package will have the dark alloy wheels as opposed to the chrome/chrome-like. 2nd reason I wanted the Sports package - before learning that all 502A come with floor shifter - is that I like the...
  16. Lariat and Floor Shifter - help me understand something

    Hmmmm.....learned something new. Boy, did I waste my time looking for the wrong truck :D
  17. Are the upper F-150 models ( Lariat and above) taking longer to built than XLTs trims.

    Is there an "unofficial" list somewhere, someone who knows, what are the problematic parts that cause most delays? I was told by a couple of dealers the Interior Work Surface can cause delay but I can't see how it requires any "chip", not does the chemical to spray coat the bed ;)
  18. Lariat and Floor Shifter - help me understand something

    It was my understanding that the only option to get a floor shifter in XLT or Lariat is to order Sports package. Yet looking at new vehicles at different dealers, I see many Lariars without Sports package but with floor shifter. What am I missing? Thanks.
  19. Is it possible to add Interior Work Surface at a later time?

    Well, everything is possible :) , but can it be done? Does Ford sell it as a stand alone accessory and what's the process? Thanks.