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  1. Anyone use PowerTrax MX?

    With the manual version you have to carry around a key and keep locking / unlocking whenever opening and closing. I velcro my fob to the inside of the bed (as well as the inside of the cab).
  2. Anyone use PowerTrax MX?

    I'd like to correct you there - I installed my Pace Edwards Ultragroove Electric this weekend. Ordered from RealTruck, arrived in under 2 weeks. I'll have to take a photo for you.
  3. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Well, my 5/25 truck's at the dealership. Apparently during PDI the computer alerted their technician of an open wire somewhere in the truck. I assume that means that there's power detected on ground / the frame. But that's a complete uneducated guess. Seems like he narrowed it down and put a...
  4. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    Just finalizing the paperwork for my purchase. My dealer just automatically gave me two versions of the incentives sheet both listing the incentive programs and dollar amount - one for the month of order and one for the month of vehicle receipt. I don't think they did anything special to "lock...
  5. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Sorry to hear that. If it's any consolation I think I saw that some of the late April ones seem to be moving now. Mine is marked as delivered as of yesterday although my dealer hasn't returned my call yet...
  6. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    Perhaps ask your dealer again? Consensus seems to be that when you custom order then when you go to actually pay and do the paperwork you can claim incentives either from the month you ordered or the month you received.
  7. Thule - Yakima - Rhino Rack - Basket

    What feet and cross bars are you looking at going for? My cover hasn't arrived yet and it's hard to find what the distance is between the two t-slot rails. Are 70" bars long enough? I've been researching this too and seems like for Yakima you need this complete set for $600 (70" cross bars)...
  8. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    The private ones? They run some campaigns during certain months in specific regions only. When you get on their mailing list by requesting a brochure or a vehicle price from a dealer and provide your email / postal address, then they send offers. But only during those times. And seems like...
  9. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    Until now I had $0 incentives... but that really sucks if you also did not have any incentives in January.
  10. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    I think the point of this offer is because from April onwards there were little to no rebates or public cash offers (and no > $500 private offers either). So this reintroduces an incentive cash offer to customers who have custom ordered, and gives nothing to customers who just take a vehicle...
  11. 5/17 Build Week Club

    😔 well, if something happens to me before I buy it you can take mine!
  12. 5/17 Build Week Club

    that's good timing. Apart from wheels that truck looks exactly the same as the one inbound right now to me in California via rail. 4x4 sport carbonized gray lariat.
  13. Anyone use PowerTrax MX?

    I've pretty much decided on the Pace Edwards Ultragroove electric. It's $100-$200 cheaper, and has 1 feature that I prefer: You only need to press the buttons once and it will open and close all the way. With the PowerTrax you need to stand there holding the button until it finishes closing /...
  14. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Congrats. Does your vehicle tracker say Delivered?
  15. 5/17 Build Week Club

    There seem to be at least 4 states post release - awaiting shipment, shipped, in transit and delivered. My one is going by rail and went straight from awaiting shipment to In Transit, after 1 or 2 days of waiting for the train I guess. The Built stage had a date but didn't get ticked until that...
  16. 5/17 Build Week Club

    You can tell it's from a dealer as they have to print it then scan it to email! They've usually never heard of screenshots and copy paste.
  17. 3% under invoice @ Chapman of Horsham

    That's just job 1. Job 2 is still 2021 f-150, but it adds the payload scales feature as well as tremor and raptor.
  18. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Yes it's definitely built and released. It's not on the train / convoy yet since shipmentDate doesn't have a value.
  19. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Release date is date it left the factory. Transit I believe is the expected number of days it takes to complete transit. ETA start and end is the estimated range of delivery. Mine has 21 for transit and it usually takes 3 weeks to Southern California. It lines up roughly with my ETA window
  20. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Check caching: