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  1. Dealers charging over MSRP!

    I'm a dealer in Rexburg Idaho. I've pretty much ran out of inventory because I'm still discounting my vehicles. I don't want customers to come back a couple years later, after the market has evened out, and have them upset that their trade isn't worth quite what they still owe on it.
  2. Strange Call from Dealer regarding my truck

    There were too many dealers ordering trucks for customers, that were actually for their inventory. Thus, they wanted drivers licenses, emails, address, phone #, etc. I'm a dealer. It's a complete pain the the rear. Blame it on the shady dealers out there trying to inventory ahead of the next guy.
  3. F-150 Tremor Build & Price is LIVE! Post your build!

    I'm a Ford dealer, and I agree.
  4. Why are dealrs quoting base price $500 more than Ford web site says?

    The $645 acquisition fee is only if you are leasing.
  5. Dealer Left off 2 options and Truck is scheduled - Updated Page 2

    I order trucks on a regular basis. I make mistakes, like we all do. In the event I order a truck in with the wrong equipment. I'd glad refund the deposit, and get the right truck in for the customer. If this dealer refuses to do that, I'd buy elsewhere.