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  1. $4000 Delivery Allowance

    I think it must have been, I ordered 3/31 in Ontario. Last day for it as I understand.
  2. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    Thanks for sharing this! Did your friend happen to mention if they are on 1 or 2 shifts?
  3. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    Yeah, look at your VIN, you should have a K or an F in the 11th position. If it’s K it’s Kansas City. Coincidentally, I am exactly the same, a 3/31 order and I am rescheduled for 7/19 week for blend. Fingers crossed🤞
  4. 01/01/1990 club

    As Jay says… welcome to the party! only thing you can do is contact your dealer and ask for the visibility report. Your dealer should be able to tell you when Ford PLANS to make your truck. Keep in mind that this date is subject to change. from your VIN you are a KC build and a few days...
  5. Post more pictures owners!!!

    For anybody following this thread who has their truck delivered which is close to my specs, I would really appreciate a quick pic to pep me while away the long nights of purgatory waiting for mine to be built! anyone with close to; XLT Supercab 4x4, 6.5’ bed 302 pkg so includes the XTR chrome...
  6. Post more pictures owners!!!

    That’s a sweet truck. Kinda wish I had the balls to order a bright colour for mine!
  7. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Do you happen to know what this report is called specifically? I would like to get the same thing from my dealer, but want to be sure that I ask for the report, whatever it is, by name.
  8. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Exactly... Ford has committed to making your truck. they haven't committed to much else such as "When" 🤔 Interestingly though, if they have given you a VIN... it will tell you "Where" K is KC and F is Dearborn.
  9. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    Pretty sure 1990-1-1 is a placeholder... meaning no one has a clue... mines the same. You are probably penciled in for a July/ Aug build but it won't show here... your dealer can look it up on the Ford internal database, but its just a target... ie subject to change..
  10. what happen with eta end date 10/31/2021??

    Me too!! I can’t even verify if they ACTUALLY started up yesterday and if so, was it only one shift? Cant find any press on it.
  11. 19 year old and a parking garage bollard = $8K in damages

    You’re a great Dad… side note… how many shifts at Burger King equals $8000?😜
  12. what happen with eta end date 10/31/2021??

    Me too… except my order date was “only” 3/31… so I’m patiently behind you in line dude. When does your dealer tell you the scheduled build date is? Mine says I’m week of 7/19. I’m with a whole bunch who were sched for this week (6/14), but the KC start of 1 out of 3 shifts is putting many of...
  13. Tail Gate Step - height from the ground?

    Exactly Brother... BTW thanks for posting the info!
  14. Tail Gate Step - height from the ground?

    So apparently I can climb the steps naked. OR i can hoist a bag of feathers but I cant get dressed and carry a bag of feathers into the bed of the truck! ;-)
  15. Ford is giving $1,000 incentive for F-150 purchases between April 1st - July 6

    Totally right... but, I am still so angry and upset so I think I'll type up a complaint letter on my Olivetti typewriter and fax it to the BBB. I bet Ford will be soooo scared of the bad review.
  16. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I also agree. we all understand the supply chain issues, and to some extent this is out of the control of Farley et al. I genuinely feel sorry for the mid level purchasing agent who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. What surprises me is how the spin doctors at FoMoCo have missed the...
  17. Tail Gate Step - height from the ground?

    Hahaha. I hear ya brother! Out of curiosity, is there actually a rated limit on the stair assembly?
  18. 6/14 Build Week Club

    My old stomping grounds was the Pacific Hwy from Brisbane up to Rockhampton… ah the days of a grilled Baramundi, and a couple of XXXX’s. Beat the crap out of the snowy cold of a Canadian winter!
  19. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Nice looking unit though… i’ll wait to drive one as a rental car some day…
  20. 7/19 Build week club

    Well tomorrow’s the day boys… how many disappointed, disillusioned folks will be joining us tomorrow when the 6/14 build changes on their profile?! sorry, I know that’s mean, but I’m feeling extra cranky about the week which was SUPPOSED to be my build week! I feel like someone shit in my bowl...