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  1. Charging prices and why

    I listed 5 actual states where EA actually charges by min. You come back that it's only 3 or 4 states, which is demonstrably false.
  2. Tow Technology Package and resale value

    That's exactly right. A package is only worth getting if you actually use it.
  3. Ford, GM Are All-In On EVs. Here’s How Their Dealers Feel About It

    I think that EV impact on the electrical grid is highly overstated. Yesterday, I charged my Mustang Mach-E at work and pulled almost 20 kWh from the system. Also yesterday I pulled down 58kWh for my house. Both are much higher than normal, but that's without changing anything.
  4. Lightning bigger than my garage!

    It'd be tough. There is probably a reason that Ford spec sheet for Lightning does not include charge timing with 110V outlet. It's approximately 2 miles per hour of charging.
  5. What if I don't want the 80A charging station?

    If you do, check to see if it's covered by Ford's warranty after such sale.
  6. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    This goes to show that terrain doesn't have a great impact on range unless you only go uphill and never come back
  7. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    Well I mostly drive alone, but weigh enough to count for 2. Most of my driving is on surface streets, but this is Phoenix, where we drive 60 in 45 zone. With Mustang, I have not noticed much of a difference driving on freeways at 70-80. Not going to lie, I drive like an old lady, but in the...
  8. What if I don't want the 80A charging station?

    I think that someone with a std range battery would have even less use in the 80A charger than OP. Considering that std range Lightning can only be charged at max 48A.
  9. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    On my Mustang Mach-E the EPA range is 270 mile. So far I routinely am getting 290-310 mile range. Others have reported better results. This includes last week when the temperatures were hotter than hell. I realize it's still brand new, but before I sold it, my 6 year old C-Max PHEV was...
  10. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    Over at Mustang Mac-E forum, there are plenty of people commenting that they don't bother plugging their car every night, since they barely scratch their range, and that includes those with AWD and standard battery (nominal range 210 miles). I have a coworker with an elderly Model S, who plugs...
  11. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    My point is that an EV with 200 mile range will cover nearly all daily driving situations. An average person drives less than 30 miles per day. So range anxiety is not based on facts. There are exceptions of course, but additional range is not free. If you never drive more than 100 miles, do...
  12. Charging prices and why

    Key words: everywhere it could. That's roughly half the states. So if you drive from California to Florida. The following states are by min pricing: New Mexico, Louisina, Mississippi, and Alabama. So 4 states charge by kWh and 5 charge by min. When last checked those 5 states are still part...
  13. Charging prices and why

    No, it's not. here's an example of Louisiana:
  14. Charging prices and why

    No it doesn't. What does, is that after you are done charging on EA with either per min or per kWh pricing, you get 10 min grace period and after that it's $0.40 per min idle fee.
  15. Charging prices and why

    I think some states have laws that prohibit non-utilities from charging by kWh. It's changing but not fast enough.
  16. Charging prices and why

    No, each state is doing it's thing. In AZ VLT for EV is 4% of what it would fo same value ICE. In NJ the is no sales tax on EVs.
  17. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    Based on most reviews I've seen Tesla range numbers are somewhat aspirational (IOW overstated). With Ford Mustang Mach-E, the range numbers are proving to be very conservative. But as I said, once you get to 200 miles of real world range, it really doesn't matter for most drivers. Probably...
  18. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    For most consumers that concern is misplaced, once you get past 200 mile range or so.
  19. Lightning bigger than my garage!

    But it will require 14-50 outlet, which should be installed on a 50A Circuit.
  20. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning LIVE Hands-On (by The Straight Pipes)

    Money quote: "Better than the Cybertruck, because this exists".