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  1. 4/26 Build Week

    Order 3/22, prod 4/28, delivery 10/31 so I am watching my dealers website. There are 8 XLTs, all in transit, all that we cannot seethe sticker on (there’s a button but not working). And those 8 trucks have not changed up or down in over a week. Did they just give up on updating the site? Are...
  2. Show me your flat surface bench jump seats 40/20/40

    I test drove a truck with this setup - and that is what I ordered. I am tall - the surface was not uncomfortable to me and it gives huge flexibility. Plus the consoles make me feel boxed in.
  3. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed w/ Standard Hybrid, 40 MPG, Under $20k MSRP

    Nice small truck! I need my f150 pb to tow but this would be perfect for my son when he graduates engineering school.
  4. Dealer sells truck out from under me

    Green sticker is the window sticker for custom orders. Regular ones are blue.
  5. Dealer sells truck out from under me

    I ordered my truck in March and tried to sign an order and put down a deposit, even mentioning my fear. They would not take a deposit. I am honoring my part and waiting for my build - I'm sure they are not getting lots of requests for 4x2 PB. Still scared, but the green sticker has my name on...
  6. 4/26 Build Week

    1ftfw1cdxmfb68003 - built and missing chips
  7. Base Model/ XL Buyers

    I almost got a truck like yours, but my 67 yr old eyes needed LED lighting so I went for an XLT. Maybe if I had I'd have a truck instead of a 10/31 delivery date lol.
  8. Difference between Tow Technology package and the Maximum Trailer tow package?

    The tow tech package adds the 360 cameras. Max tow may have a stiffer axle for more weight. I got the tow tech since my truck already had 3.55 locking diff included .
  9. Must haves when you bought your truck

    bench seat work surface large tank high payload LED lights towing decent sound system
  10. 2WD vs 4WD, did I make a mistake?

    I ordered a 4x2 powerboost. I have never had a 4wd vehicle and do pretty well in snow. I bought it to tow a small 5th wheel so payload is paramount. With 250 lbs less, My payload should be about 1950 with all my options. I will live in my trailer and move south in winter so not much need for 4wd...
  11. 4/26 Build Week

    Got my dealer today. He said my truck was waiting on a semiconductor. Ugh. He also said he heard a rumor that they would start shipping trucks waiting to dealers and let the dealers install the chip when available. If true, that would avoid a traffic jam trying to ship everything when big...
  12. Anti-theft measures

    Some of those are looking kind of Mad Max, lol. Subtract 40 lbs from available payload.
  13. Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

    I ordered a 302a with tow technology and fully expect the TBC installed on it. I double checked this before ordering and dealer knows I was ordering a tow vehicle.
  14. Dearborn Shut Down 5/17 - 5/30?

    I dont know. The shortage will continue into the 2122 model year. There are not many 2021s sitting around not claimed.
  15. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Well - it is either a flat bed when you need it or rails, which are less expensive but you never quite have a flat bed.
  16. Box tied down anchors defective?

    Anyone try the ones on Amazon? 37-43 $$ for a set of 4 - better thaan 85 from ford if they work. I didnt order them.
  17. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    Not sure our 38% covers the f150 universe - there are fleet trucks etc. But Ford estimated 10% hybrid at start of the year and I believe it is way higher than that.
  18. Things may get Worse before they Get Better

    I believe it! My dealers lot had over 30 trucks on it when I put in my order in March. Yesterday he told me he had 3 trucks on the lot. I told him I would be coming in to put chains on my truck since I likely cant take delivery until 2 weeks after it arrives.
  19. Current Pricing in this climate?

    My dealer told me he only has 3 trucks on the lot right now (I saw about 30 in March). I told him I would be coming out to chain up my truck when it arrives before I can take delivery. I trust he will honor the price we agreed on.
  20. 2.7 EB Payload Package- why so rare?

    I was at first thinking I preferred the2.7 but needed the payload for a small 5th wheel. None available. Once I added the bigger gas tank etc on my build the ED3.5 and the hybrid did not cost much more so..... waiting on a 4x2 hybrid xlt.