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  1. Can't use Wireless CarPlay, FordPass, or Hotspot

    Same here, I taking my truck in for some accessories next week, I got to get my truck activated with the Ssm 49826 fix.
  2. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed w/ Standard Hybrid, 40 MPG, Under $20k MSRP

    i wish the f150 had the truck feature that allows for 2by4 separators in the truck bed, it would make bike owners very happy.
  3. Photo: Local dealer impact of chip shortage

    All the trucks xlt and above disappeared last week. 10 gone in one week at a local dealership.
  4. Devastated. RIP Week Old F-150 Destroyed by Fire

    Im curious if Ford will want to look at the truck to see what happened. It’s possible someone else’s car caused this fire. i got gap insurance from my auto insurance company.
  5. Stock Orders

    Just picked up my f150 today. It was ordered as stock although it was custom. I glad went to dealer with hours of delivery and they were going to put it out as inventory....manager didn’t even let me could have been sold to someone else..It goes to show if the tracker on here says ur...
  6. Stock Orders

    i first need to Line x my bed and get my decked storage put in , im hoping to get that done some time in June, but 3 week wait periods, I may get My truck rust proofed first. I’m undecided on which rust proof I’ll do. I may put an extra layer of black paint on my rear differential my self...
  7. F-150 Lightning Reservations Open Immediately After The Reveal

    question many chips will this truck need?
  8. Stock Orders

    I think the winter builds that sat in MI were unlucky. I think some sat in water....i some of the rust issues have been fixed on the rear differential but Ive seen rust on parts near the wheels...I think some form of rust proofing is needed before winter
  9. Stock Orders

    Technically my custom truck is built for me and to normal outsider looking on dealer site it appears to be Retail, but if dealer puts it as the order as stock, it may appear dealer stock is being done over custom orders..i think many will jump ship on orders if there is a lot of rust,
  10. Stock Orders

    I agree, but as long as u put down a deposit u should be safe. my dealership has been ordering everyone’s orders under stock. At this pt in the yr dealers aren’t doing dealer trades, so I’m stuck. my stickers been blue so not sure what is special about green stickers. If my dealer sells my...
  11. 5/3 Build Week Club

    i Think u deserve some free shopping spree on the accessories for ur wait period. I think ford orders in peak pandemic times got pushed back, seems a lot of early orders got lost. I think u may have avoided the rust heavy trucks as it seems early builds in winter didn’t do too well.
  12. Stock Orders

    I can confirm my truck is on a local dealer website and I put down a deposit on it. A lot of custom orders r processed as “Stock ”. I would bet all the new incoming trucks r someone’s order. Unless customer doesnt accept an order, those trucks in transit will be gone...Toyota told me in 2021...
  13. 2021 F150 Order Help

    maybe It was bc I was the only one with Baja tan interior..or bc I didn’t get every option in the book, it got build quicker, I just glad to avoid any winter builds, now I’ll get the chance prevent rust if possible.
  14. 2021 F150 Order Help

    Ford is either surprising people with early Truck deliveries, or long wait times... it’s the yr of wanting to drive up to the factory to built ur own truck..
  15. 2021 F150 Order Help

    Was it this Ford tracker on this site that said it was suppose to be delivered? or was it the dealer who told you that ur truck delivery ETA ? My dealership told me my truck was suppose to be built on the 13th but it was built sooner. My ship date was 3 days ago 15 day transit according to this...
  16. Georgia Weathertech Gray Mats

    since they are Custom in a way, ur best bet is sell them Online or Facebook market or Craigslist. U may not get 100% of ur money back, but u may get some money back..
  17. 03/15 Build Week

    I think the logistics of trying to pull certain f150s out of the lots holding partial builds may have not been organized properly causing more delays. Pulling f150s that are sitting bumper to bumper is complicating things. Playing where’s my f150 at is like playing where’s Waldo....
  18. 5/3 Build Week Club

    1 i just found out my xlt is on the way. Built and shipped this week, ordered 3/20 . I got 302a, fx4, chrome package, class 4 trailer hitch, and the work surface. I think trucks r not just waiting for chips, but multiple parts. i think there’s no right answer to why some wait longer, but I...
  19. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Rumors mixed with people having multiple experiences good and bad, lead to a lot of an anxiety over shutdowns and long wait times during record high demand. I don’t believe anything til it happens. its like taking leave in the military. Ur not on leave til ur on leave and even if ur on leave...
  20. 5/3 Build Week Club

    I got 302a fx4 class 4 trailer hitch work surface on my xlt which brought it to about 55k but got for 49k plus I’m gettting 3k for my car so Im happy with my purchase.