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  1. Current Pricing in this climate?

    I live in California, San Francisco Bay Area. IMO, It's one of the worse places to get a good deal. Plenty of people willing to pay msrp or just below. My last few vehicles have been ordered from out of state dealers. This time around I ordered my truck from the local Ford dealer that is 2...
  2. March 22 Build Week

    Mine arrived yesterday afternoon and I picked it up this morning. I had to go straight back to work meetings and haven't had time to tinker. First impressions are positive. I also had no rust on the rear diff or axle.
  3. March 22 Build Week

    My dealer just called and said my truck arrived locally (California) to the transporter and the next step is for the transporter to deliver my truck to the dealer. He said normally this is same day or next day delivery, but the transporters only take full loads and due to the overall vehicle...
  4. March 22 Build Week

    My truck shows that it was produced on 03/29 and shipped on 04/04. I had spray-in liner and wheel well liners, impressed that those were added quickly. My ETA to the dealer is 04/28. I called my dealer and he said their information shows a delivery window of 04/22-04/28.
  5. March 22 Build Week

    My truck had a blend date of 03/28. Up until this morning, my tracker has never shown a projected delivery date. It has been N/A the entire time. I just checked an hour ago and now I have an estimated delivery date of 04/28. Ford pass app allows me to try and active the vehicle, so I view...
  6. March 22 Build Week

    Got my window sticker!
  7. March 22 Build Week

    I have been pushed from 03/15 to 03/22, hope it holds Ordered 12/16/20 Lariat Screw 501A 157" WB Carbonized Grey 3.5 EB Max Trailer Tow FX4 Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 360 Camera Interior Work Surface Spray-In Liner Wheel Well Liner
  8. 03/15 Build Week

    I just asked my dealer for a status update. I was pushed back 1 week to week of 03/22. I'm out.
  9. 03/15 Build Week

    Might as well be the one to start this. My truck was ordered 12/16/20. Scheduled for the week of 03/15/21 at KC plant. Shipping to California. Lariat 501A, 157" WB, 4x4, Sport 3.5 EB Max trailer tow Interior work surface Spray-in bed liner Wheel-well liners FX4 Co-Pilot assist