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  1. power boost and skil saw

    I run tabletop autoclaves on my 2K Pro Power system. This smaller one uses about 1100 to 1200 Watts. The Larger ones run 1400 + /- watts
  2. Must haves when you bought your truck

    B&O Unleashed Sound System, center console shifter, moon roof and pro power onboard
  3. power boost and skil saw

    I have the Pro Power 2KW onboard and was running Table Top Sterilizers (1 at a time all day the other day) with no issues. These draw 1400-1500 watts during heat up. No issues.
  4. F150 Windshield recall

    If your win No way, Skip the Dealer and the Recall. If your window has a crack in it just bring it to your local glass guy and have it replaced under your vehicles insurance. Not sure how it works where you are but in Massachusetts glass is covered under our comprehensive insurance and there...
  5. F150 Windshield recall

    Your insurance will not replace it if it is not broken . wink wink
  6. F150 Windshield recall

    I am Having SunnySide Ford in Holden, Mass do the recall on my 2021 F-150 Lariat this Tuesday 5/25/2021. They need to have their body Shop remove the glass for warranty purposes and then, their glass contractor JN Phillips will re-install. Because that isn't convoluted is it? Asked if I could...
  7. Future feature

    The Lariat 502a Package should include a wireless phone charger. Come on Ford !!!
  8. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Kevin B. 2021 F-150 Lariat 2.7 EcoBoost Twin Turbo 4x4 502A Package with many options including the B&O Unleashed Sound System. Yet, no wireless phone charger. Worcester, Massachusetts (Central Mass.) Medical Equipment Repair: Specializing in Table Top Autoclaves and Sterilizers.
  9. Leg/Knee Room in 2021 F-150

    NOT AN ISSUE- I am 6'3" and 270 and it is not an issue for me. My left knee does hit the door a bit buut it was the same in my 2018 too
  10. Plastic cab corners!!!

    The cab and doors are aluminum. You will find steel in the tailgate for strength. Ford most likely is using plastic corner caps on the Cab to help with any future damage as aluminum is a bit harder to work with. The whole side of the cap is one piece of aluminum. Included is a picture for...
  11. Alarm triggered for no reason

    Sonny, I do not disagree with you but the video shows a bird flying by and the alarm going off. Have not had any problems since. one would think that if some software needed to be re flashed that the problem would continue un till that action.
  12. Alarm triggered for no reason

    My 2018 F-150 XLT Sport never had a false alarm. My new 2021 F-150 Lariat has had two alarm incidents within 24 hours. Security camera revealed nothing but some birds. So, I have been parking towards the other side of the driveway for 2 weeks and no false alarms. Evidently, the proximity...
  13. $64,000 Question - What Is This? The link above provides an in depth look at keyways, variants and uses
  14. $64,000 Question - What Is This?

    looks like a keyway or shim of some sort
  15. Current Pricing in this climate?

    Try another Dealer- This one does not even disclose the interest rate that those #'s are factored on. Off the Cuff, it looks like about 5.5% ish. Maybe slightly higher. You should be able to find something under 2.78%.
  16. SMOKED QUARTZ F-150 (2021+) Club

    2021 F-150 Lariat 502A Package w/ Chrome Smoked Grey Build Date 12/20/20
  17. Will Decked System fit with 7.2kw system?

    Really liked the Decked system but I have equipment that also needs to be covered and that system does not work for me. Went with the BedSlide instead. So far, Its been working well
  18. Android Auto Google Assistant Function

    FYI, if you use a VPN on your Cell Phone it needs to be disabled or Android Auto will not start on your 12" screen
  19. Dash cam options?

    I tried #4 previously but it did not power the camera for some reason. ended up using #36 and #32 but that was short lived. I have the radar option and set the app to battery saver and it still killed the battery. Truck sat for almost two days. I went ahead and ordered the Cellink Neo back up...
  20. 2 Weeks to fix Windshield Recall???

    Try another Dealer- that is just stupid on their part. My Dealer is making appointments for this fix. It may take two weeks to get an appointment but they need it for a day. As a matter of fact, they want it over night so it has a chance to set up nice too. So, I drop it off say on a Wednesday...