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  1. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    where did the above info come from?
  2. Fold flat storage delete

    I'm interested in the fold flat storage. Can I add it to my platinum after the fact?
  3. 2021 Raptor's 450 HP / 510 LB-FT Torque specs possibly leaked in towing guide

    maybe these numbers are lower because the Raptor R is coming?
  4. Center Console Work Surface - post purchase?

    FYI, I don't think the work surface is all I thought it would be. It's difficult to turn to the left and use it as a work surface...For eating, it works fine.
  5. Trying to be a happy customer

    It seems like you are doing the right thing. Be assertive with the dealership. A week ago I received an OTA, first one I know about. The next day I started having weird issues: I started receiving ProPower Onboard reset messages that would not clear. Power cycled(turn off then on) and the...
  6. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    I received an OTA update. Maybe my first since I purchased back in March. It's the only update that updated the Ford Pass app for sure. I'm not sure if it's related but with in a day I started having issues. ProPower Onboard starting giving me reset messages, low oil pressure, then lack of...
  7. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    yup, the gauges split and the next turn is put inbetween
  8. Do you use AM Radio?

    Interesting. Please elaborate.
  9. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    I've had it 6 weeks and have 2500 miles. I have no idea how I've put on this many miles. The odometer must be doubling my actual miles.
  10. F-150 PowerBoost's Unique Reverse / Backup Alert Sound

    I suppose if the Powerboost was actually quite while backing up this would make sense. Even in electric mode it's still pretty noisy.
  11. I give up!

    good luck. i had placed an order for one a month ago, but the next day I went in and bought one off the lot.
  12. Jack points

    It's listed on page 520 of the manual. I found the link in this forum for the PDF. I don't remember where though.
  13. Free XM Question?

    This is probably the most important to me: 3 years for SIRIUSXM navigation data (traffic, weather) Anyone know more about this? I didn't know we had this. We have it on the Suburban, but never paid for it.
  14. Ford SurfaceCare

    It's $499 in my area.
  15. Key FOB newest generation?

    I bought 2021 last Thursday and they lost one of the key fobs. I'm going in tomorrow for them to program a new one. I'm told it takes about an hour. I'm told this is the process. The process requires having your truck and the existing key for one hour. In programming the new key the missing...
  16. Ford Motor Company accountability

    Thanks Dan!
  17. Ford Motor Company accountability

    Jeez, this post is depressing. Now wondering if I should even bother building one to order.
  18. Factors To Consider Before Buying Any Tonneau Cover

    What issues do you have with water leaking in?
  19. X-Plan changes for Mustang Club of America

    I'm down the road from you in Pittsboro. Which dealer does $0 on X-plan?
  20. 360 camera, Must have or skip?

    backing up a truck with this kind of camera, especially into tight spaces makes it a breeze. I have not done it with the F-150, but I did test it on the Sierra Denali and Ram truck when I test drove those.