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  1. 2021 Iconic Silver Platinum Powerboost Build w/ 4" BDS lift & 20" wheels

    what would changing to these tires do to MPG, without the lift? how do they handle on the street in rain?
  2. Ford F-150 Lighting Inside and Out - Full Walkaround Video

    not a fan of the huge tablet stuck onto the dash. 12' screen looks much better IMO
  3. Rebates gone for June?

    Ford has drastically cut incentives this month.
  4. Rebates gone for June?

    they are showing up- in some zips 700, in others N/A, others 100. they're all just radically lower. does anyone know more about this? is this expected to be the new norm for months or just to slow down demand to catch up on JOB #1 builds and we can expect better incentives in august-oct.
  5. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

  6. Rebates gone for June?

    so rebates are going away for June? on ford x plan pricing site when type in zip you get N/A for all the incentives. a salesmen told me they cut them in June. does anyone know more bout this? will they be coming back on 2021s by august or September October?
  7. STX- vinyl vs carpet floors

    Great 👍🏻 Vinyl floors it is! Thanks for the feedback
  8. STX- vinyl vs carpet floors

    Living by beach with dogs make me think vinyl flooring will be better for vacuuming. Is there any significant disadvantages to the vinyl flooring? Will likely use a weather tech or rubber Matt over anyway. Thanks
  9. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    can the $1000 student be stacked with the $1000 medical professional?
  10. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    which rebate is this for medical professionals?
  11. Job#1 vs Job#2

    As job#2 starts in July- curious if anyone is annoyed they're getting a Job#1 built in June. will the trucks built in June be just as buggy as they were the first few months they built them- or is ford capable of fixing issues still in the same job number, in this case 1. asked another way...
  12. 06/07/21 Build Week Club

    Ordered 4/19. XLT 3.5EB from Dearborn 6/07 week per pioneer74- nothings updated on Ford tracker yet
  13. Lariat Leather Steering Wheel Swap?

    yes the XLT mid/high wheel is def a step up from the XL and stx plastic wheel. But even further is the lariat wheel which is even nicer
  14. Illinois Swap Tow Mirrors for Standard Mirrors from 2021 XLT 302A

    Can ford serve department re-program the 360' camera w/ the new tow mirrors? their in different locations on TOW and standard mirrors so I imagine they'd need to be re-adjusted for accurate views? (I'm totally guessing on this).
  15. Lariat Leather Steering Wheel Swap?

    So the lariat sport's leather wheel is VERY comfortable. just ordered an XLT- anyone know if I can swap in a lariat wheel and how much that'd likely cost? Thanks
  16. No orders scheduled for Thursday 29 April.

    whhenyou get your vin in a few days it’ll tell you what model year your getting I recently ordered 4/19 and getting a 2021