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  1. $4000 Delivery Allowance

    When I ordered in March, there was a $4000 rebate on the Lariat, plus the $1000 for the factory order. I have had my truck about a month now.
  2. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    3000miles now, and just over 20 mpg average using 87 in my 3.5.
  3. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    I have about 4500km on my Supercrew 145" with 3.5 and 3.55 axles, and my mileage has averaged about 11.7 l/100km since new.
  4. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    I can't tell you how long my truck was actually in transit, but it arrived in Alberta more than two weeks before the predicted delivery window.
  5. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    I did a 600 mile trip , cruise at 75mph, average 23mpg. Supercrew 5.5, 3.55 axle, 20" wheels.
  6. F-150 MPG mileage average between the three engines

    I averaged about 21 mpg for my first tank of 87, combination of around town and highway, no city rush hour traffic. I just completed a 600mile trip at 75mph and averaged around 24mpg. I am driving a Supercrew 4x4, 5.5 box ,3.5 engine, 3.55 axle, trifold cover, and am using 87 gasoline.
  7. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Sadly,this is pretty accurate, some of us ordered in mid March and had our trucks in early May, and others ordered in 2020 and are still waiting. If you are lucky enough to have your truck go through the line when they have all the parts , you get your truck very quickly, if not, the truck...
  8. Must haves when you bought your truck

    Supercrew 145" , 4x4, ecoboost, locking axle, leather, no moonroof.
  9. Factors To Consider Before Buying Any Tonneau Cover

    I considered the loss in height for cargo with a cover that fits between the bed rails, with one that fits on the bed rails, and that 1" or so has made a difference a few times, most recentlty when hauling tires that just allowed me to close the cover. If you live in a cold climate ,where...
  10. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    Here you go
  11. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    I wonder what the range will be at -30, we have cold weather here. From what I have seen, the cold weather reduces the range in most electric vehicles by about 50%.
  12. Bought My Winter Tires

    They are an actual winter compound, proper winter tires, but studded.
  13. Bought My Winter Tires

    I wouldn't normally be shopping for winter tires/wheels in May, but four like new aluminum rims with sensors, and studded winter tires with very little use for $600, was too good to pass up.
  14. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    At what temperature is that 300 mile range? If it's at 70F, the range will drop by about 50% at -30F, so useless for me.
  15. Spot On The Rearview Mirror?

    I noticed what I thought was a stain towards the top center of the rear view mirror, however after trying to remove the spot, it appears to be right in the glass. It is a round circle perhaps 3/8" diameter, and being so well centered, it doesn't seem random. Has anyone else noticed this on...
  16. May Deliveries

    Ordered 3/15 arrived at dealership 5/7, picked up 5/14.. I didn't follow the progress, and I have no idea of the build date or mix date, or shipping date. The dealer notified me about 10 days after the order was placed that there was a VIN issued with an ETA of May 28, and about two weeks before...
  17. Headlight protection

    $850 here in Canada. I forgot to mention the mirrors.
  18. Headlight protection

    I had PPF installed on the headlights, as well as the hood, fenders and painted parts below the grill.
  19. Husky wheel well liners

    My local dealer, I was given the special pricing because I purchased my truck from them.
  20. Poor Homelink Range

    Mine has great range.