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  1. Upgraded F-350 King Ranch to F-150 King Ranch PowerBoost - Twins? Not, But Hoping It’ll Handle the Heavy Tows

    It is definitely a double edge sword to have an HOA. We also own a farm in Virginia with a mile-long driveway, and no rules at all. When COVID hit, we decided to stop renting in Key West for the winter and buy a place in South Florida. Having a second place that sits unoccupied for half the...
  2. Upgraded F-350 King Ranch to F-150 King Ranch PowerBoost - Twins? Not, But Hoping It’ll Handle the Heavy Tows

    Yes, that’s the Retrax Pro XR branded Ford OEM. I have had Retrax covers on six pickups, had the Pro XR on the outgoing F-350. I liked the idea of having it come installed under Ford warranty, with the logo. I’ve got low profile Yakima crossbars for shorter loads, and a Yakima Skyrise HD...
  3. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Perfect undercarriage. I think Ford got the memo on rust before April builds, which have been looking good based on forums reports.
  4. Upgraded F-350 King Ranch to F-150 King Ranch PowerBoost - Twins? Not, But Hoping It’ll Handle the Heavy Tows

    We took delivery today of a custom-ordered 2021 King Ranch F-150 PowerBoost to replace our 2017 F-350 King Ranch diesel beast. This wasn’t as much a choice as a “requirement” of our HOA in Florida, where we bought a COVID-baby home last September, only to be notified a day after settlement that...
  5. Can't use Wireless CarPlay, FordPass, or Hotspot

    Thanks for this thread and the solution above. I took delivery today and have exactly this issue on my early May King Ranch build - so will know what to tell the dealer to do when taking it in for service in two weeks. Thanks all.
  6. 5/3 Build Week Club

    I picked mine up today at Grieco Ford in Delray Beach. Feb 22 order confirmation, May 3 blend, May 6 build. Ford tracker showed 6/4 delivery date, but dealer had the truck two days ago. I had every option that you could tick off on an F-150 King Ranch, came in at nearly $81k MSRP, with all...
  7. Anyone receive Bestop Tailgate Step yet?

    When I called AMP yesterday they said the one on their website will fit the 2021, but NOT to order it because the one for the 2021 F-150 is slightly different and will be released at the end of June. They said another product had been prioritized in engineering, and they are now working on the...
  8. First drive review & impressions of F-150 Lightning

    Totally agree. We were very early adopters, with our first Tesla in Feb 2013, before any Superchargers, so on road trips spent a lot of time napping in RV parks & marinas. I still have a huge box of never-used adapters from that era. These days Superchargers are fairly ubiquitous, so we make...
  9. Anyone receive Bestop Tailgate Step yet?

    I called both companies just now and confirmed above - Bestop = straight back, Amp = catty corner
  10. Anyone receive Bestop Tailgate Step yet?

    You can see the differences on their respective websites. The Bestops clearly come only straight down and back, not to the sides.
  11. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    Yes, because they are also used to tow the toys on weekends.
  12. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    No need to check the pedestal. You cannot damage a modern EV by plugging it into bad power or reversed polarity, or any form of screwed up supply. They all diagnose what’s being fed and either deal with it or reject it, telling you on the main screen what’s up. I agree that surge guards ARE...
  13. 📊 Poll: Are you getting a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning? 🛻⚡️

    True. I’m going to miss the 8’ bed in my F-350 Supercrew King Ranch. But not the school bus turning radius. It takes over 60’ to turn, curb-to-curb, while an F-150 takes about 46’ curb-to-curb to turn around
  14. The Lightning Forum needs to provide member titles with verified credentials

    The politicization of EV driving is based on a lot of falsehoods, but is rooted in the government essentially subsidizing luxury cars for rich folks. I plead guilty to that, now on my third Tesla. They are simply the best “things” we’ve every owned - truly like driving a space ship every time...
  15. May Deliveries

    Wanna bet the dealer knows something they’re not telling? I’m camping at my dealer on the date it is scheduled to arrive. My deal is $5k below MSRP, and they could easily get $5k over right now, would love to have me release the order for general inventory. Careful out there.
  16. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    I’ve had excellent experience using both 30 and 50 amp rv and marina hookups on road trips in Teslas before the superchargers were pretty much everywhere in North America. In 2012, 13 & 14 it was truly an adventure, using level 2 chargers and waiting for hours in campgrounds. There’s no...
  17. XLT 302a Condensation in Front HeadLights

    LEDs DO generate a lot of heat. As soon as I read the OP, knew this to be normal, confirmed later with the owner manual posts. But the scathing anti-Ford reactions are really telling. Folks, RTFM. All modern LED headlights have this feature. My Tesla has this. My BMW motorcycles have this...