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  1. Fuel filler door - cord release

    I sent a pic to my salesman and she had no idea, she asked her service manager and he had no idea, she told me to take it to my local Ford and let her know what it is. I said ok, gonna cost you $1k for that info since I didn't get shit for incentives lol.
  2. Fuel filler door - cord release

    I just picked up my truck Sunday and noticed the string hanging yesterday. Did you figure it out??
  3. 2021 Iconic Silver Platinum Powerboost Build w/ 4" BDS lift & 20" wheels

    I order a BDS 6" coil over and they said it would be about 8-10 weeks, it shipped to me a week later. Bought it on, it was almost $700 less then BDS site. greta customer service too, a guy was emailing me updates constantly.
  4. 5/10 Build Week

    Mine always had a build date of 5/10. Tracker showed it was built 5/10-5/12. My ETA for delivery was 6/18. Dealer called and said it arrived today (6/3), they didn't get any notice. So it came 15 days early. Montana. 2021 Platinum, PB, 6.5 bed, Iconic Silver/Black Int., 4WD, Spray in, Hard...
  5. 5/10 Build Week

    Mine was 5/10, was finished 5/12 and awaiting shipment, dealer called today and said the truck just arrived. They didn't get any notice. My ETA still says 6/18. Ford 's tracker still says awaiting shipment. So it arrived 15 days early than the ETA.
  6. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    Did it show up?
  7. OEM Tonneau Cover

    I ordered the same. My truck has not arrived yet and my pic looks like yours. I thought it was the flush cover, and if its not I'm gonna have the dealer remove it and take the charge off my price. I'll do an aftermarket flush folding that folds all there pieces up. Let me know if you get...
  8. CARBONIZED GRAY F-150 (2021+) Club

    was it easy to remove the chrome strip off the power running boards? how did you do it? Thanks.
  9. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    I can’t wait for my 2021 Plat to hear the stereo.
  10. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    Yes. I have a 2016 Platinum and ordered a 2021 Platinum. It’s worth it. I love it myself, it has every option and is a tank on the outside.