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  1. Sergeant Gearhead

    Halogen vs LED headlights on 2021 F-150 -- real world comparison pics

    The results are about what I expected. The LEDs being brighter than the standard halogens, I think people might sway to them now (granted they can stretch their budget further).
  2. Sergeant Gearhead

    E-150 (Electric F-150 EV) Leads in Interest Among Pickup Buyers According to Survey

    Thanks for sharing! I've gotta say, the Hummer has less customer interest than I thought...
  3. Sergeant Gearhead

    More 2021 F-150 TREMOR + 2021 Raptor package details [updated Jan 19]

    No red color option for the Tremor? Oh well, at least they offer Antimatter Blue. I really dig that dark-dark blue color. Can't wait to see how the new Raptor looks in all of those color options.
  4. Sergeant Gearhead

    2021 F-150 Raptor Showcases V8 Engine in New Video, Debuts February 3rd!!!!

    Hi everyone! I was just taking my daily rounds for car news when I saw an an article on Car and Driver (the link is below) about the new Ford Raptor. They had a video up there that I'm sure we can all finally agree that there's a big V-8 under there. C/D also said that the new third-gen...
  5. Sergeant Gearhead

    Next Generation 2023 Ford Ranger Spied!

    Thanks! Now there's a size comparison between it and the F-150 (sorta). From what I can tell, it's about the same size, if not a little smaller. So probably not much of a size difference (compared to the current truck)
  6. Sergeant Gearhead

    Next Generation 2023 Ford Ranger Spied!

    I know! I've heard so much! There's even going to be a hybrid + pure electric versions.
  7. Sergeant Gearhead

    Next Generation 2023 Ford Ranger Spied!

    Agreed. The 5th-gen Ranger is a very good-looking truck. Fortunately, things seem to be looking up for this new version as well. I see a lot of the current model in its side profile, so you just may get your wish for another good-looking Ranger. Hopefully Ford improves the ride quality and the...
  8. Sergeant Gearhead

    I Powered My House with the F-150 PowerBoost Pro Power Onboard Generator [Car and Driver]

    That was unexpected. I know that Ford said you can charge a bunch of stuff with the PowerBoost, but I didn't know it could do that much. Nor did I know you could charge a Mach-E as well. Gives a whole new meaning to jump-starting your battery lol
  9. Sergeant Gearhead

    F-150 Powerboost MPG test yields 29.7 MPG!

    That is astonishing. I always knew that the PowerBoost would be efficient, but nearly 30 mpg is impressive. I mean, FOR A FULL-SIZE PICKUP TRUCK!!! And this is like, 5-6 mpg better than what Ford/EPA estimated. Man, were they so, so wrong!
  10. Sergeant Gearhead

    New 2021 Ford F-150 Advertisement Videos

    "Tough this smart can only be called F-150..." I like where they're going with these ads.
  11. Sergeant Gearhead

    Space White vs Oxford White Side-by-Side Comparison Pics

    The only difference I see is that Space White is just a tad darker in the photos than Oxford White. If I had to get an F-150 in white, perhaps SW just might be worth it.