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  1. Private Offer

    port jefferson (long island) new york for weeks, I kept going on the website looking at the F150, mustang, escape, bronco & even looked at the new electric car. click on the ads, got a quote for a trade, down loaded the ford app, got the ford credit card, liked at other sites then clicked the...
  2. Private Offer a pop up came up asking to take a survey
  3. Private Offer

    Just got a $1,500 PCO by email. was on the website today and filled out a survey, survey took about 10 minutes. email came hours later. also clicked on an add for the f150 from edmunds. Good till March 31st. Fingers crossed truck is on schedule
  4. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Was surprised yesterday when the dealer told me the truck has a vin number: Looks like 3 weeks out ;)
  5. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    That is what my dealer told me, didn’t think about it that way, yeah out of stock, looking like April 21 if no shutdown saw a commercial last night, truck looks awesome it will be worth the wait
  6. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    was told by my dealership that the delays are due to lack of parts inventory 1. work surface 2. Power boost and the bad forecast by Ford not knowing how popular this would be. Patience is needed hopefully April they will start getting these puppies out
  7. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    thank you for sharing. I do want to see how it handles. I am also interested to see if the same truck could handle a truck caper with 1900 lbs 2021 Lance 650 For Sale in Bemidji, MN - RV Trader
  8. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    158 on the list, don't know how to update info order # 0025 price level 125 ? type: Retail Priority code: 19 does any of this mean anything...
  9. XLT 302A vs Lariat 501A

    XLT - Cloth seats, option for power rear window, shifter on column, the 302 gives push button start, power seats - less options, stated earlier no power tailgate With the above and going with 501A my build was 2K more, I like the shifter on the console with power leather seats & the few extra...
  10. Santa Came Early.... Lariat 502 3.5 EcoBoost delivered!

    Sweet ride, enjoy it and best of luck
  11. Negotiating on a "Build It" Price

    ditto. asked around, on long island not to many dealers cared about a factory order. it was adventure.... close to invoice on a 21 - F150 in limited supply, not bad, these will not be on the lot for long.
  12. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I hear you, first truck was the same thank you all, this is very helpful. the after market liner costs are the same, I will see what the dealership says with the wait. max trailer package is worth it. especially with the larger breaks. Ordered, the seats with the console ended up with an...
  13. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Good evening everyone, tomorrow morning will head down & place an order for a 21 Lariat - Antimatter Blue/Stone Accent with the Baja Tan seats. Going with the Hybrid & 7.2Kw. If you all can give this a once over, that would be great, don't want to miss anything, looks like these days we know...
  14. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Going to dealership to order a 21 F150, looking at the builds, 4 - 6 months is what is to be expected. I have the xplan from Ford, was wondering what others have been paying...