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  1. Towing Specs Consolidated Document - Bumper vs. Class IV vs. Tow vs. Max Tow - UPDATED DOC v4

    I doubt it will make you feel any better, but if you look at the 2019 towing guide, the Ranger is only good for 7500 pounds if it has the Towing Package (53R). Without the tow package, the Ranger is only good to 3,500lbs.
  2. Test drove a PowerBoost last night! First Impressions:

    I think if I am reading the order guide correctly, the dual zone climate comes with the PowerBoost.... Option 99D: 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hy brid V6 Engine (req. Hy brid Electronic Ten-Speed Automatic Transmission (44H); incl. Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC))
  3. Hello from the great white north!

    Ordered a King Ranch PowerBoost end of September. No VIN or date yet....
  4. What are the heavier options to avoid to increase payload?

    The power running boards really hurt (~60 lbs in last gen). That and dropping the power tailgate would be what I suggest are the biggest confident payload boosts with a 502A lariat. I suspect there might be weight savings in 18” wheels too, but I could never pin down the savings, and seemed...
  5. What are the heavier options to avoid to increase payload?

    Good point about the 4x4 options. Skid plates are the key part for me for the snow, and I’m assuming there isn’t much weight difference between a 4x4 with Skid Plates and an FX4 .... FX4 seems to get you different front shocks (should be negligible weight difference) and a software mode (better...
  6. What are the heavier options to avoid to increase payload?

    Sorry, I don’t have any info on the power step. I’ve just been assuming the heavy part is the steel for the step (hence assuming the ~ 40lbs), but you are right, could be more. Unfortunately, in Canada we can’t order 600A (Base King Ranch) or 700A (Base Platinum), we only get the “x01As”...
  7. What are the heavier options to avoid to increase payload?

    Putting the bikes on the back of the trailer helps for sure. Also, I try for absolute minimum stuff in the bed of the truck (even if that means somewhat messy/dirty things in trailer compartments). On your question, in high trims, I think the best option to drop is the moonroof. I believe in...
  8. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    I think it is important to keep in mind the Heavy Duty Payload Package is only available on the 157” and 164” wheelbases. So there is no such thing as a HDPP 145”. It is not provable in any ford specs I’ve seen, but all the photos I’ve seen of a “HD” frame sticker on a 145” wheelbase have been...
  9. KODIAK BROWN F-150 (2021+) Photos & Videos Thread

    Thanks for all the pics! The window sticker on the 601A shows AntiMatter blue....both dark colours for sure.
  10. Building a Tow Vehicle

    I tow a similar trailer (Rockwood 2304KS, ~6600# GVWR), which I currently pull with a 2011 with 6.2L with Max Tow. Ruckus makes a lot of good points. I especially agree with the comments about the 5.0 revving to 6.2 is a stronger engine in size and torque but it still has to rev...
  11. KODIAK BROWN F-150 (2021+) Photos & Videos Thread

    Thanks! I’m drooling for my King Ranch in Kodiak with the beige two-tone....
  12. Options for gaining payload

    FYI, I understand Max Tow also includes a heavier duty rear-axle with a higher rear axle weight rating. For a 5th wheel without the ability to use weight distribution bars to shift weight forward, that might be useful.
  13. Towing capacity of 2021 F150

    Max Tow also includes the stronger rear axle with a higher RAWR which is handy if you end up with a bunch of “stuff” in the bed while RVing.
  14. Full 2021 F-150 BUILD & PRICE IS NOW AVAILABLE

    This is one of the two factory oddities....Guard paint is only at Kansas City plant, and the 601A trim comes with power running boards which are only at the Dearborn plant. I like your taste, though, I have a King Ranch 601A on order in Kodiak brown.
  15. Ready to buy my new truck!

    Yes, I read that the PowerBoost is only in Dearborn, which is likely why I couldn’t have a PowerBoost with the Heavy Duty Payload Package (HDPP being Kansas City only).
  16. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    I would guess the battery is the heaviest, so yes, the higher rear axle rating makes sense there. Electric motor is probably halfway between and would end up on both axles. What caught my eye is comparing to a previous generation max-tow EccoBoost, which is 3600 Front / 3800 Rear / 7050...
  17. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    Thanks for posting the stickers from the PowerBoost. Axles ratings are interesting: 3900+4150 = 8050 lbs vs the 7350 lbs GVWR. 700 lbs seems like a lot of margin between the axles and the GVWR.....
  18. Max payload capacity for Limited?

    One other thought might be tires - Limited has the 22” and depending on tire specs that could be the limiting factor on payload.
  19. F150 Hybrid Towing Range?

    My guess would be flat land, steady towing the mileage is going to be the same between EccoBoost and PowerBoost (mostly a steady aerodynamic drag, minimal regen help) Where I’m thinking (hoping?) the PowerBoost will really show a difference is in the hills, where regen should act as an engine...
  20. HDPP with Hybrid?

    Thanks Albert for testing this out. Will be interesting what combo Ford uses to quote Max tow on Hybrid, perhaps will see more when the payload and towing specs come out. For me personally, we are interested in the hybrid, so looking forward to seeing how much of the Hybrid’s higher 7350# GVWR...