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  1. schwinnmann007

    Screen material on Sync4 display?

    I've used my Maui Jim's that are polarized and the screen looks fine.
  2. schwinnmann007

    Fake sound?

    Does the 2021 "pipe" in exhaust note sound through the speakers?
  3. schwinnmann007

    Platinum 2021 F150 w/ 3.5" Lift and 20" wheels

    anyone know what brand of lift they used?
  4. schwinnmann007

    First Look: 2021 F-150 LED Projector Headlamps & LED Tail Lights💡

    I have had mine for a few days now and driven in the dark a lot. The headlights are fantastic and i don't believe the lights actually move, but it uses the led running lights in the bumper to turn on as you make a turn. it's really nifty. I wish mine had the LED tail lights though.
  5. schwinnmann007

    Will Tonneau Cover from previous gen fit?

    awesome! thanks guys! that's exciting.
  6. schwinnmann007

    Will Tonneau Cover from previous gen fit?

    A friend of mine has a brand new Ford brand tri-fold for his 2015 I really hope will fit.
  7. schwinnmann007

    Will Tonneau Cover from previous gen fit?

    Hi everyone! Just picked up my 2021 last night and looking for a tonneau cover. Does anyone know if a 2015-2020 will fit the same or am i going to have to wait until someone makes a new one? I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before, I'm new to the whole blog thing. Thanks...
  8. schwinnmann007

    LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Photos & Videos Thread

    That's exactly my truck! I talked to the Dealer today and they said it'll be here the 23rd, but they think it'll be here sooner. I can't wait!