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  1. Does a non BC truck still get all the OTA's?

    I see that most of the OTA notes say minor updates. I'm at 2.6.0 with my KR2021 job 1 truck. Should it still get all the OTA's or just some of them?
  2. Dealer repaired with 22B08, still have a couple lingering issues.

    My dealer ran the 22B08 fix Tuesday and it repaired the grayed out OTA buttons. I even got an OTA update to 2.1.0 within 1.5 hours of getting the truck home. It is now on 21146 version 145. There is still an issue with my Cruise settings and a new one with the scheduled updates. The truck is...
  3. Changes in truck without getting OTA's

    My truck is stuck on the 1.7.1 OTA since December. Just now, I was in my truck, it muted the radio until I hooked up the seat belt and gave me a window in the dash informing me of that. First time it's done that in 10 months. I'm old school and always turn to check behind me when backing out of...
  4. Before and after 3" RC lift with Vertex adjustable shocks

    Here it is. 3" RC lift in the front and 1" rear with Vertex adjustable shocks. I also added the Aries Powerboards. They are the only Powerboards that fit the Powerboost without modification. Measurements went from 36.25" front to 39.5". 39.5" to 40.5" in the rear. I only have about 8 miles on it...
  5. Radio volume stuck on "0"

    Yesterday I got in my truck and the radio has no sound. Everything is on, volume is on "0" and won't turn up with the knob or steering wheel buttons. I've done two soft resets, restarted the truck numerous times and it is still the same. I can adjust all radio settings except the volume. Doesn't...
  6. Aries Power running boards for the Powerboost???

    Has anyone used these running boards? How did you like them? It's difficult to find any reviews or detailed info about them online. The big advantage they have for the Powerboost is the motor is enclosed in the board so it doesn't interfere with the cooling lines like the Amp powersteps. I know...
  7. PB aluminum transmission skid plate.

    I didn't trust another fiber "skid plate" for the transmission. 1st one didn't last long out hunting in moderate off-roading this fall. After hours of research and calling, nobody offered an aftermarket skid plat that fit the PB. Enter Chris at Hefty Fabworks here in Colorado Springs...
  8. Husky wheel well liners

    The wheel well liners for the 2021's are now available on the Husky website. I put mine on order today.