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  1. PCO offer today

    email today, $2k
  2. Balanced Out, no Ford for you!

    Ford ended the X-plan program for stock holders on 6/1/22. So that method is out now.
  3. Apple Carplay / Android Auto expand display

    For the APIM update you do it from USB. But for the other modules you need to buy the mongoose cable. You cannot update the other modules via USB. People want the full screen CarPlay, which is just the APIM and a USB update.
  4. Apple Carplay / Android Auto expand display

    If you want it now, download FDRS, buy a 2 day license,, put in your vin and download the files to build the update USB. You can always post your vin to have somebody check to make sure the update is available for your truck. This is only for updating the APIM (sync). Any other updates need the...
  5. Can someone explain the difference between these two tail gate buttons?

    I assume one with an earlier 22 truck could use forscan to change the programming to two pushes, if running the right software on the module?
  6. Balanced Out, no Ford for you!

    Woodbridge is doing 3% below invoice on the 23's. It's my understanding that Ford changed things on the back end for dealers. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/good-morning-from-koons-woodbridge.12393/
  7. First OTA in 19 months.

    ok, there must be more to the story?
  8. dynamic bending headlight leds

    Good point, would have to have somebody drive the truck and then watch. Does the side spot come on, haven't paid enough attention to notice if that is also lighting.
  9. dynamic bending headlight leds

    Fog lights do come on when making a right or left turn.
  10. Brakes unresponsive in accident

    Master cylinders are typically split and sometimes the brake fluid resoivour has a wall that prevents a leak from draining both circuits. The other thing you have going for you in this situation is the speed, and you were most likely no longer on pavement. Depending on the surface you were...
  11. Buy back for Steering wheel shake?

    Ford didn't sell it, dealer did. Ford doesn't do direct sales.
  12. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    Doesn't really matter which dealer you buy ESP from. Ford updates the warranty date on the truck, it will show up in the app. Your dealer service guy will not know or care where you bought ESP from.
  13. Buy back for Steering wheel shake?

    Ford's not going to do a buy back on a modified truck. sounds like it could be a nightmare. Maybe take it to another dealer or take it to an off road shop that can really look into what's causing the issue.
  14. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    Plans are cheaper if you buy it in the first 12 months of ownership. After that rates go up.
  15. When Towing a Car Hauler with Vehicle... Help Me Better Understand!

    Any truck stop along a Interstate will have the scales
  16. How to set up Wired Carplay in Sync 4 in F-150 -- DIY writeup instructions

    CarPlay is not bluetooth based. It's wifi based. Bluetooth cannot support the bandwidth required for CarPlay. Blue tooth is only used to discover the head unit, after that the phone and the headhunt use wifi to communicate.
  17. Drive Mode Knob Sucks

    sport is just a good twist to the left. It's at the end of the list. Once I realized that, I this method better then multiple button presses on the shifter.
  18. Pre-collision warning in McD’s drive thru

    Might want to take your truck in to have it checked. Not normal if you were going from 0 to 1 mph and it went off.