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  1. Moonrise Shot at Copper Belt Winery

    Here's a moonrise glamor shot of our Lariat PB at Copper Belt Winery outside of Baker City, Oregon. The wine and views are both excellent! The winery is affiliated with Harvest Hosts so if you are a HH member you can overnight here for free. Also, between Baker City and the winery is the...
  2. Loving our F150 in Idaho!

    The title of this post says it all! As a side note, I never realized Idaho was on the West Coast. ? I think I'll go surfing tomorrow! :LOL: -Eric
  3. Pro Power Onboard Generator 7.2K Powering a Trailer While Driving -- IT WORKS!

    Hi Folks, Well we just returned from a week long trip with 120V 30A service running from the PPoB to our travel trailer - while driving! And as a bonus there was no smoke, no fire, and no breakers tripped! See the black with orange cable in these pictures: L14-30P Connector (only one hot...
  4. Pro Power on Board 7.2K to Trailer - While Driving

    OK, I think I have figured out how to run power from our truck's PPOB 7.2K to our travel trailer while driving. This will allow our trailer's Lithium batteries to be charging and the refrigerator to be running while towing. The parts are starting to come in and I will post a write-up with...