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  1. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    Update: Hurricane Ian hit south of me so I didn't need the PB Pro Power Onboard. But had it ready just in case I needed power.
  2. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I've been getting 17.3 MPG running on 87 octane. Normal mode mostly, some highway, but mainly city driving (red light to red light) and my 2021 PB has 3100.0 on it now. I got the truck in December 2021 with 2 months in the shop and really haven't driven it that much. I was hoping for 20 MPG...
  3. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    Well, I guess I'll be using my PB 7.2kw this coming week. Glad I got the 30amp ext. power cord.
  4. Unknown Dashboard Icon

    Is it this Icon?
  5. New Order POwerboost expected payload

    You may want to check this pdf out. Options weight are included in it. This is for a 2021. I have about 1323 Payload with my PB Platinum 7.2kw. So, all those options do take away from the Payload capacity.
  6. When Towing a Car Hauler with Vehicle... Help Me Better Understand!

    My 2nd Ford, Nice truck. I have one just like yours.
  7. When Towing a Car Hauler with Vehicle... Help Me Better Understand!

    This may help. Specing for Towing Ford guide.
  8. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    I got this power ext cord so I can just have one cord into my garage and then run 4 other ext cords into my house. This one is flat so it goes under the garage door when its closed and the truck is outside. Also I like it because it runs on the 30 amp circuit so both A and B circuit are used...
  9. PowerBoost 7.2kw onboard generator saves the day (3 days) during Texas power outage

    I live in Florida, so I'm planning on using this: 25 Feet Heavy Duty Generator Adapter Extension Cord,Generator Locking Cord,NEMA L14-30P to Four 5-20R, 4 Prong 10 Gauge Flat Generator Cable Runs on both A & B sides. I don't want to wire in a transfer switch, but having this will extended 4...
  10. Dash cam options?

    Here is the camera I got for my 21 PB. I didn't want to spent a lot of money. Also has GPSPlayer app which is good also. So for about $150 I got a front and rear camera setup. Just in case I ever need to prove who was at fault in an accident. It is easier to show a video and explain to a...
  11. Dangerous B&O sound system issue

    I had the same kind of issue a few months ago. Started up the truck and hear an extremely load high pitch sound, smell like something is burning inside the cab and no way to stop it. Turning off/on radio didn't help, reset the 12" screen, all the controls were useless. Ended up pulling the...
  12. FordPass Bluetooth (Direct connection) VS Cellular (Cloud connection)

    Finally got my ProPower -FordPass app working with Bluetooth. As stated above, make sure your FordPass app appears in the app list under Apps and both are running (phone and sync4). I have a iPhone 11 and just verified I'm connected via BT. Thanks everyone on this forum for your help.
  13. First trip report

    Good luck, let us know how your trip went. Safe travels!
  14. Random clicking

    I just turned off the approach option on the running board menu. It stopped it mostly. I haven’t taken it back to the dealership yet. I wanted to put some more miles on it.
  15. Pro Trailer Backup Assist on a Gooseneck - Update: It works!!

    Don't think you can use it with a gooseneck trailer.
  16. Any update on a Trailer TMPS system?

    Nice Job on getting it to work. I have a 21 Job2 Platinum PB with all the feature/options and I'm looking into getting this set up on my truck. Its really sad that Ford has put us in this spot going out and trying to figure out how to install these items that should have came factory. 2-wire...
  17. What other cars/trucks have you owned?

    Current Ford cars: 1969 Fairlane Cobra 2DR Coupe-428CJ 2021 F-150 Platinum PB 4x4
  18. Dangerous B&O sound system issue

    It happened to me once. Had to pull the fuse to make it stop. My issue seems to have been the amp. Had a very loud sound and I couldn't do anything. Tried the hard reset and just found the fuse to the amp and pulled it and waited 5 mins. It hasn't happened again. Just once.
  19. 18 months old, 15K miles... major battery issues

    Dealership already replaced my battery after 3 months. My PB was built in Nov. 21.