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  1. Ford Says 40-45K Unfinished Vehicles Will be Awaiting Parts Through End of Q3

    I ordered a MY21 F150 on 08/21/21 and just last week I took delivery of my rolled over MY22 F150. 384 days
  2. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I sign paperwork today and my dealer is delivering right to my custom shop. I'll have her back in 2 weeks or so
  3. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Happy to finally see her with my own eyes 384 days after placing my deposit
  4. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I officially hate Ford more today than ever.
  5. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I'm flying out Wednesday, I'll def check this out. Thank you!!
  6. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I went with the V8, the truck has been built and sitting since January 7th. I'm taking my daughter to college in Pittsburgh and was really hoping to try out Blue Cruise
  7. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    If I get to 8/21/22 I'm bringing my $1,000 deposit a birthday cake and singing happy birthday.
  8. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    My truck is still showing on the ramp in Mass at the train depot in my state. I called Ford this morning and they said it should be to the dealer by Monday. The dealer is 1.5 hours from the train depot and arrive late Saturday Night.
  9. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I'm happy to report that today is a love Ford day. My dealer e-mailed my a rail car number and my trucks in Buffalo on the way to Mass. 11 Months!!!
  10. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at your Thanksgiving last November lol
  11. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I completely agree, and my dealer tried to make it good by giving me a 2022 Bronco Raptor allocation. I get all pumped up and now it didn't get a VIN and going to get bumped to 2023. Ford and I have Love Hate relationship, today we're leaning on hate.
  12. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    On August 21st I'm going to bring a cake to my dealership and sing happy birthday to my deposit. I put a $1,000 deposit down on a 2021 Lariat V8 502a on 08/21/21. It has a blend date of 12/21/21 and a completion/ send to lot on 01/07/22. STILL NO TRUCK
  13. 12/13 Build Week

    How is everyone enjoying their 2022 F-150? I need to live vicariously through all of you, I'm still waiting. It's been completely build and waiting shipping since 01/07/22. I'm going with the old saying "if your not first, your last"
  14. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I just checked my app and my truck already has two recalls and they’re waiting on parts. They say by the end of the 2nd quarter they should have the parts to fix it.
  15. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I got the expected e-mail the other day from Ford saying they need more time. My truck was built on Jan 12 and has been sitting ever since. I think what @Mainah is true about getting the first round of trucks stuck in lots. At this point I think my Bronco Rapture will arrive first.
  16. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    It was Released, awaiting shipment.
  17. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Hey folks, a good update of sorts, my build now is in a convoy delay and should be here by mid April. I say this is good because its left the plant. The best part though is my dealer offered me an early allocation on a 2022 Bronco Raptor. Lets see how long it takes for that to come in. hahaha
  18. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    From the vehicle visibility report
  19. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    @TN Rotty **update** my truck finished the production line on January 7th and yesterday was sent off site to have the bed liner sprayed on. Ford has now changed my delivery eta from 3/25 to delayed