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  1. My Zeigler Experience / ESP + Maintenance Plan

    Zeigler.. after i bought a 75k miles and six year $100 deduct i upgraded it with my ford points from buying the truck.. so i was out a kilobuck and my ford points to go 100k and 7 yr. Very painless..
  2. What would you do?

    This is the dilemma when selling to the public. You might get a few more bucks.. but you earn/worry your way to them. I use Carmax anymore to get rid of the old vehicles. good luck on closing this deal and you just have to move on.
  3. Risk Management - Did you ever use your F150 Ford Extended warranty?

    If you take a look at my warranty statement above ... the LED lighting was an option in the contract. I did not do the key replacement so on that selection you see delete checked... you are showing a brochure.. the contract is what matters...
  4. Risk Management - Did you ever use your F150 Ford Extended warranty?

    I would quibble with the 0 deductible.. i did $100 which is nominal.. and went 100k miles.. basically i think trucks will be a luxury going forward and the additional miles might help you sell for maximum.. When you do the ESP make sure you get the coverage rider for the LEDs.. too. You also...
  5. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    I got. the ford credit card before this f`150 purchase and ended up total out of pocket of $900 after the points (of buying the f150) for the 100k/7r/100 deductible. that is a good deal to protect a $66k truck for seven years. and.. I am thinking trucks are going to be a luxury. you are going to...
  6. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    this f150.. I bought before I had the truck... I believe with the led headlights and 12" display.. a warranty is needed. you can also count on having the truck longer than ANY other truck you ever had with 12% inflation... plan ahead...
  7. Ford Says 40-45K Unfinished Vehicles Will be Awaiting Parts Through End of Q3

    It is a true economic crack-up.. Its not just trucks and autos.. its everything in a datacenter, and a house.. My '22 has 2100 miles on it and I am hoping it is solid till this passes.. geez..
  8. F-150 vs. 2022 Chevrolet Silverado

    This is the best "looking" truck GM ever put out... I don't know what happened post 2018... they just look awful. just awful.....
  9. Is an E-Locker a must?

    I have many jeeps and 4x4 trucks over the years... if money is unlimited you will probably be glad you got it. if money is tight.. I would spend it on upgrading the tires... in snow you can always air down a little and do just fine for traction. Sand too..
  10. Oil Drain Plug

    Not to go against the grain.. but I add a magnet to each of my oil drain plugs.. gives me some comfort as to how much wear is occurring between changes.. I epoxy a 1/4"x1/2" round magnet into the plug, usually I drill a 5/16" hole deep enough to hold it.. the stock ford drain has this already -...
  11. Second thought/ Crazy prices

    Well my sticker was $60k and I had a Ford cash award for $3k... however.. I did get $47.5 k for that '18 GMC SLT.. with 20k miles.. end of '21 was the peak of used trucks.. I think they were hot hot hot to make year end purchases for expensing / tax purposes. I went up four years in truck for...
  12. Second thought/ Crazy prices

    2016 Lariat = $47k; leftover 2018 SLT = $42k; 2021 order that turned into a 2022 502A $57k.. Things are going up.. Get the F150 now.. and brace for driving a Maverick next time.... if you are lucky, a Ranger.. depends on how the stewardship of our economy is handled I guess. Get a 8 yr warranty...
  13. Questionable dealer warranty service

    it is not feasible to fully charge an AGM battery in 90 minutes. if SOC (state of charge) is 20% or so.. it would take hours.. unless you got the battery hot and wrecked it.. Maybe 8-10 hours. You can only charge the AGMs until they get warm.. maybe a constant 5 Amps or so for 12 hours would get...
  14. Did you get extended warranty?

    I know i am repeating myself.. but i really think at the price of these trucks we need a 6 or 7 year plan of ownership.. at least. I would do the ford protect for that length of time.. plan ahead!
  15. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    Rapid Red '22 502A... My upgrade is pretty humble compared to most of you big spenders.. While it is pretty self-explanatory.. I have been using these in various engines and transfer cases for years.. I make two of them.. and I change one at a time and keep the old one so I can see how things...
  16. ESP vs MBI

    I am pretty sure a $250 is not a good deal.. I did $100. Granted it costs more, but you will be paying everytime quite a fee.... my experience with Fords is at least once a year... so you are going to lay out $1750 right there.
  17. ESP vs MBI

    As far as a third party.. go with the manufacturer. You don't want to wait around to get something approved. And.. I just upgraded my ESP.. using a bunch of points on the Ford Credit card and $93 to get from 75k/6yrs to 100k/7 yrs like a lot of folks do. I also specifically covered the LED...
  18. MPG data points

    A 90 mile round trip.. so far 3 or 4 mpg better than my ‘16 2.7