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  1. Windshield replacement worry about camera?

    I've had safelite replace my windshield at my house and they calibrated my camera in my driveway. Never had issues.
  2. Dealership bidding war with customers?

    I am assuming I'm not the only "customer" who recieved this email. My guess they are looking to see who will offer the most for their "1" lightning coming in. I thought Ford told dealerships they are not allowed to markup or deal in this type of behavior (if they are looking for a bidding...
  3. Ford Says 40-45K Unfinished Vehicles Will be Awaiting Parts Through End of Q3

    There is also a group of purchasers who recieved trucks and Ford won't or took over a year to address issues and the fixes didn't fix it for some. Go look at the Transmission Shudder thread that has 66,000 views!! I'm guess a large portion of these people will think twice before buying a Ford...
  4. Accidentally learned a feature

    My 21 Lariat does it. I used to use it all the time driving around town because my transmission shudder was so bad.
  5. Vibration thru gas pedal

    Sorry guys. This is designated by Ford as "normal" Just another one of their "normal" stamps that shouldn't be applied to $70k trucks.
  6. Squeaky brakes only on reverse and in AM?

    I have the same issue. Every morning I have to jump on the brakes so I don't wake the neighbors up backing out a brand new $70k truck. Good job Ford. Dealer one couldn't replicate it pretty sure they didn't move the truck. Dealer two apparently squeaky brakes on a brand new truck with less...

    I won't pay that when I win mega millions tonight.
  8. Vibration thru gas pedal

  9. TSB 22-2224

    I had it done and seems to be better. I pull a trailer every weekend and haven't noticed it pulling either. I did install a roush cold air that I swore helped a bit before the update or I just was getting used to it. I still have the vibration in the peddles while driving and horrible idle...
  10. TSB 22-2224

    But but it runs "normal"...
  11. Powerboost Destroyed Its Own Engine

    The Ford service department are a joke. They don't have the mental capacity to tear down an engine and tell you why it broke. All they do is put a code into a computer that computer will then tell them what is wrong and what bolt to turn. Technicians today can't fix anything unless they told...
  12. Transmission shudder

    These Ford dealers are worthless what did they do drive your truck around the block once and come back with oh sorry it'd normal. I'm going in Friday if they try that crap with me I'm going to tell them I don't give a damn apply the TSB. I'm so sick and tired of these worthless service...
  13. Transmission shudder

    Glad to hear everything is working. I think I need to find a new dealership, I'm going in next week but they were confused I wanted to come in for a TSB. You want to come in for a TSB? YES. What TSB is it? 22-2224. Umm what is it for? Transmission shudder. What do we need to do? Reset...
  14. $70k and stuff is falling apart.

    Thanks to those who posted the $20 fix. Saved me 2 trips to the dealer and a month or two waiting on parts.
  15. $70k and stuff is falling apart.

    I agree part of my issue is dealerships also suck. I've already gone through one lemon law due my previous issues one that still doesn't have a fix well one my dealer has no idea about (TSB for transmission shudder). When your brand new truck is in the shop 10+ times in a year and the shops...
  16. $70k and stuff is falling apart.

    Called the dealer said they can look at it in 2 weeks. I asked will you have the part, nope they can't order parts until they diagnose it. WTF the keypad on the door is falling off, the clip broke and now its just hanging, what is there to diagnose? So I have to wait 2 weeks for service plus...
  17. Transmission shudder

    I hope this finally fixes our issue. I did install a Roush cold air intake and I'm either getting too used to the shudder or it actually helped a bit. Its still there just not as noticeable all the time and when it does happen it's not as bad. Anyone else with the shudder install a cold air...
  18. Trailer Miles Under Trailer Menu Not Working

    Could be I guess but I'm not sure of one person here they "pleased". Fyi my trailer milage doesn't work either.
  19. Trailer Miles Under Trailer Menu Not Working

    I am pretty sure that is a troll account.