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  1. Best Bluetooth OBD2 Dongle?

    Hi all…first Check Engine Light popped up last night…i am off to Autozone shortly to have them pull the code and start on that process. It’s time to step up my diagnostics game….if i run an app like Torque on my phone, what OBD2 bluetooth dongle would you recommend? There are hundreds on Amazon...
  2. Fumoto Valve on PB?

    Anyone added a Fumoto Oil Drain Valve to their 3.5L yet? I think I've found the correct number (F137N) but having difficulty cross-referencing it on Amazon. Thanks
  3. My Impressions at 800 Miles In

    My 22 XLT PB 6.5' F-150 was delivered on 4/27; since then I've put about 800 miles on it. Did I make the right choice with this truck? Here are my impressions: Ride: driving this thing feels very much like driving one of those old "land yachts" like a Cadillac Fleetwood or Lincoln Continental...
  4. Need Help Finding Location of this Heat Shield

    Crawling under my XLT this morning to look at fixing up my rusty differential and I noticed this aluminum/fiber heat shield had affixed itself between the exhaust pipe and my differential. Kinda doubting that the diff needs heat shielding...I think it is for the bed but I can't tell where it was...
  5. Twenty-One Days Past Rail Drop

    I was congratulating an F-150 Redditor who was posting pictures of his new ride. I mentioned that I was waiting for mine to get delivered the last mile, and he dropped this little gem on me: That explains a lot to me; there's a lot of owners that are seemingly waiting forever for the last...
  6. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    I thought that this was kind of an interesting video. This guy traded in his F-150 for one of the new Tundras, did some mods, then eventually traded it back in for an F-150. Ben Hardy Video As of last November I was convinced that I'd be getting a new hybrid Tundra, until I actually went into...
  7. Best place to pick up switched +12V for Dash accessories?

    Is there a simple tap point in the dash to pick up switched 12V to run a couple of accessories that I plan to mount on the dash? I don't know the current draw of these items at this time, although probably not significant (couple of androids and a gopro). If necessary I can pull in a...
  8. Help Hacking the PALSAPP Site

    I've followed threads in the past where some talented folks were able to hack the source code of the Jack Cooper transport site (palsapp.com) to do a search on their VIN. I'm doing this on developer tools in Chrome, and I can't seem to make this work. I don't get a VIN search bar that I can...
  9. Is This the Correct Oil Filter?

    Is the Motorcraft FL500S the right oil filter for the 3.5L PB? Thought I might order these to have them on hand.
  10. Friends and Family Pricing?

    Did not realize until I read some of these threads on here that there is a "family pricing" option. Immediate family member just retired from FMC and has contacted Ford on behalf of my order. What kinds of discount is possible? Thanks