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  1. Ford Says 40-45K Unfinished Vehicles Will be Awaiting Parts Through End of Q3

    Am I right the 3rd quarter ends at the end of September? This means my truck will be ready by Friday of next week!! OMG, I am so happy right now. Wait, they have to ship 40-45,000 finished trucks. That will take what, based on Ford's past shipping numbers, 8-10 months? Oh well, I was...
  2. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Dang it, I want my truck!! I want to take those dumb stickers off the bed. I want to get it polished and ceramic coated. I want to waste the first tank of gas seeing what 420 hp feels like. Enough already!!
  3. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Have any of you made it out of chip hell yet? I'm still in it.
  4. Powerboost Long-term Parking Solution

    Thanks for letting us know about this product. It will come in very handy when I'm on vacation again.
  5. 2022 Power Boost Intercooler Upgrade

    Is this a trick question?
  6. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    That's good news. I hope you hear soon. According to the modules, I'm not any further along. My dealership informed me today that my VIN has been populated, so I've got that going for me!!
  7. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    8/7 blend. I was notified by my salesman today that I am in chip purgatory, but I knew this already.
  8. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Edited: Seriously though, I have a tear tag, but I don't know what that means. Are we considering just having a tear tag a step in the process? Or do we need to know what's there so we know how far away we are? Chat tells me my delivery date is 9/12. I believe this like I believe fairy...
  9. Any Tremor Sticker "Delete" Fans?

    I am firmly in the NO stickers camp. These trucks look too good to have stickers. Once the truck gets here and I take possession, I'm going to plug my heat gun into the truck at the dealership to remove those stickers.
  10. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    I went to my inbox and I swear I heard the trombone tune they play the losers on The Price is Right. Ford sent me an email... Dang. We understand it has been too long since you last heard from us. Just wanted to give you an update on the status of your F-150 Platinum order. While production...
  11. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Dang. I got my hopes up for us 8/1 builds.
  12. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    My Blue Boost is in Ford Pass now. It doesn't have a "Built" date in the tracker yet though. This is exciting.
  13. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Holy Mackerel - I got modules too!
  14. Moonroof 22 lariat wanted extra sunshade

    getexoshield.com and find an installer near you. This film is put on windshields on the outside. They would apply it on the outside of your sunroof. That way the heat is never transferred to the glass and doesn't break it (in theory). This of course is speculation on my part and not proven...
  15. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    I have a few days to pace the floor then. My blend date is today. Dang I'm excited.
  16. Worth doing Clear bra on entire truck?

    The PPF doesn't reduce it, just the paint correction. You polish before putting on the PPF. When you put the PPF on, you don't have to polish that area until you remove it.
  17. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    No, they aren't done yet. I'm am scheduled for Sunday. There are several 8/1 build week trucks in here.
  18. Which dealers are selling Raptor at MSRP?

    I have a magnificent UNICORN (Lipizzaner White) for sale at MSRP. I know this is NOT a Raptor at MSRP, but it is just as rare.
  19. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    I got my window sticker with this link too. FINALLY!!
  20. 08/01/2022 Build Week

    Roger that. It's just an input spreadsheet. No secret information I can't get anywhere else? Dang.