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  1. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    I did the same thing last spring when we got a late snow storm that knocked out our power for 3 days. Worked great. Had all the normal things running except our gas furnace. I used a portable electric heater to keep the house comfortable. I doubt I'll ever do any more than extension cords since...
  2. Lift or Level on PowerBoost

    Yes that is the long WB. Only pic I have right now.
  3. Lift or Level on PowerBoost

    I did the Rough Country 3" front and 1" rear lift. I went with the Vertex shocks. The ride is a bit stiffer than stock but still very good. Body roll on corners is improved over stock. I am still running stock tires and see no noticeable difference in MPG.
  4. lane centering and lane drift

    One hand and a light grip is how I drive and rarely ever get warnings when using the lane centering. It's not the fact of "gripping" the wheel, it needs pressure against the wheel wanting to steer the truck. Best result is just laying my hand on either the 3 or 9 o'clock spoke and just let the...
  5. OTA updates after 22B08

    When mine was repaired I got 4 OTA's and the trailer recall OTA over the next 12 days. The first one came while driving it home from the dealer. It now seems to be stuck at 2.7.3 since the 30th of June.
  6. power tailgate goes to sleep?

    Yes it does seem to go to sleep if left open for more than a few minutes. I've noticed I have to lift it twice to get it to close if it's been open very long and the truck not running.
  7. TSB 22-2150 Problems

    I took mine to a different dealer and they fixed it within a couple hours without replacing the APIM.
  8. Skid plate and fiber board

    My dealer checks everything when in for service including the transmission. I've had two services since the install. No issues with the oil pan. The reason I put the skid plate on is I had an oil pan crack last year when a stick kicked up off of the tire and hit it through the fiber plate. Not a...
  9. Skid plate and fiber board

    I've been running a one piece trans skid plate for about 8000 miles now. I've made long trips, run offroad and hauled a trailer. I haven't had any overheating issues. Here is a link to my thread on the skid plate I had made for my PB...
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thanks. Just wondering if it will get anymore OTA's. I was getting them every 3 days after the repair. Now since Fordpass and the Ford servers saying unsuccessful and the truck saying successful on 2.7.3, I'm wondering if I'm back in OTA purgatory. 18 days and counting with no OTA activity.
  11. APIM

    My truck was stuck on the greyed out OTA button. 12 days at dealer #1 with no success fixing it. They said after talking with Ford that it needed an APIM. I took it to a different dealer and they fixed it in a couple hours without putting a new APIM in it. Jesse looked at what the first dealer...
  12. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Could someone please check and see where my F-150 stands as far as updates? Vin is 1FTFW1ED5MFC06184 . Truck was repaired with CSP 22B08 on 14 June. I received 4 OTA's( up to 2.7.1) and the trailer recall OTA by the 27th. On the 30th I got two failure msg's on Fordpass for OTA 2.7.3. Truck...
  13. husky vs ford rear wheel well liners

    The Husky liners go lower than the OEM liners so they cover holes in the frame rail. That is a huge plus in my hunting area.
  14. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    That's fine with me, I'd just as soon they concentrate on updates that improve the driving of the truck instead of worrying about adding games.
  15. OTA Updates Galore

    Really strange, that is in OTA 2.6.0. I have it and I'm only on 2.7.3.
  16. OTA Updates Galore

    At the OTA level you are now, you can schedule updates for more than one day of the week.
  17. Battery reserve capacity and OTA's

    LOL No problem, I get that same problem. Getting older sucks!
  18. Battery reserve capacity and OTA's

    According to the 2021 specs it is a H7 battery in the powerboost. The H8 is longer and will not fit. Even the link you provided says the H8 will not fit the powerboost.
  19. Software Update Preferences not working?

    The dealer matters. The first dealer I went to had my truck 2 times for 12 days and couldn't fix it. Said it needed a new APIM. Dealer #2 fixed it in a matter of a couple hours without a new APIM.